Lemonade - "The Place Where You Belong"

Polyglot dance synthesists Lemonade are working on the full-length followup to their superfine Pure Moods EP, today offering a stopgap by way of this cover of Shai’s 1994 R&B jam “The Place Where You Belong.” Singer Callan Clendenin said “My only hope is [Shai] hear[s] this cover and they fell good when they do.” Download it, them email it to Shai:

(via Truepanther)

Reminisce with the original:

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  1. This is really great and I’m going to take this time to gush about Lemonade.

    I feel like these guys have not been given enough attention. I fear their debut album was criminally overlooked in the ENORMOUS wake that was “Merriweather Post Pavillion” in January of 2009. I believe Lemonade got that last “Recommended” tag from Pitchfork before they revamped their site. I checked it out and was introduced to such amazing songs as “Blissout” & “Big Weekend”. The album as a whole is terrific and coincidentally a great listen for fans of Animal Collective.

    Then Pure Moods EP came out, which Stereogum thankfully gave some press too. Pitchfork didn’t even review it, despite the unavoidable summertime single “Lifted” being located on that EP. “Lifted” sort of dwarfed everything else on the EP but it was still a fun listen.

    So let’s all get amped for Lemonade’s new album! Let’s all say “We told you so!” when everyone goes “Hey did you hear about this new band Lemonade?” And we will say “They are not new, they have been awesome the whole time.”

    Thank you and go listen to “Blissout” on Spotify everyone, pretty please :)

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