Here’s phase two in Bon Iver’s somewhat unexpected but ultimately logical recent fixation on Icelandic things: From a recurring Björk live cover to making the video for this Bon Iver, Bon Iver standout a walkabout in her home land, here is the pretty, crystalline clip for “Holocene.” Justin’s not in it, but an adorable rockskipper named Hilke is. Directed by Nabil, who recently turned heads with that clip for Frank Ocean’s “Novacane.” Magnificent, etc.:

The video comes in support of Justin’s “Holocene” 12″, out 9/5 via 4AD, and backed with his cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Come Talk To Me.” (“Holocene” got the Fallon treatment awhile ago, too.)

Bon Iver, Bon Iver is out.

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  1. Gorgeous video for a gorgeous song.

  2. Great video, but the boy puts on the hoodie without a shirt, and then when he goes outside you can clearly see a black shirt under it. That’s fine only one mistake–well not quite, later the shirt is now white. Little things like that shouldn’t be missed in a video this beautiful.

  3. I wanna be that kid again! Fantastic.

  4. This has the same feel as a lot of Sigur Ros videos. Same director? Also, this is definitely the song of the year.

  5. Yaaay Ísland !
    Haha that boy must have walked for a while because those places are faaar away from each other…….kind of…

    • Haha! Yes! I just returned from Iceland yesterday and visited all those places in the south including Vik and the black beach Vik i Mrydal where they filmed the last scene. Must’ve been quite a bus ride but also an unofficial tourist video for Iceland. Your country is beautiful and stunning btw. I will definitely return in the summer.

  6. *put visiting Iceland in my bucket list*


  7. Kid sure can skip a damn rock huh?

    • I’ve watched that a few times and am convinced it’s computer generated. Even made myself chuckle with why it should matter and decided it actually doesn’t, but it’s too perfect an example of rock-skipping and the rock isn’t even flat.

  8. I can’t wait to mosh to this. Forget stage diving…I’m stage high diving to this joint.

  9. Is this not Ireland? Everyone is saying Iceland.

  10. wow i hate this guy…wouldn’t HAVE to if it weren’t for Bon Iver MANIA of course, thanks awesome new blogosphere media (rolls eyes).

    • …you know you don’t have to hate somthing just because a lot of other people like it, right?

      • got nothing to do with it, just my first reaction to the song, hate his voice, and the song is boring. you know you dont have to hate ME for hating the media jizz over this guy and not liking him? you should be happy, keep him more under the radar and ‘cool’er longer vs the masses loving him, though thats probably too late with all the talk shows booking him.

        • “That’s too late with all the talk shows booking him.”

          I think it was ‘too late’ when his album hit number 2, with 104,000 copies. And just to be clear, my use of ‘too late’ was totally ironic. The idea that a band loses its appeal when gaining a larger audience is just so bogus it’s not even funny.

        • I think you meant to post at Brooklyn Vegan.

    • Hey we have something in common Davey! I can’t appreciate beauty either :) Wanna hook up?

  11. woozefa  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2011 +3

    you know that part in ‘dirty rotten scoundrels’ where steve martin gets to michael caine’s villa and exclaims ‘wow! wow! all i can say is wow!’ yeah, that’s pretty much what i think of this.

  12. How could anyone be impressed by this? Of course it reminds you of a Sigur Ros video, it’s a blatant rip off of one. Except it didn’t even attempt to be interesting.

    • Your name is “bootyfish”…..shut the fuck up.

    • I guess you’re talking about the “Glosoli” video? That’s a great video, and the narrative element does make it slightly more interesting / heartbreaking etc., but still, Iceland is looking great in this video, and there’s a nice sense of aimlessness; I think, unlike Glosoli, Iver’s not going for the cathartic, epiphanic moment, but more of a reflective mood, and the video captures that. The two videos reflect their respective songs, they just both happen to feature kids in Iceland. Although I would say, if I was forced to choose at gunpoint (London indie nights are getting kind of extreme) that Glosoli is a better video.

  13. It;s more like Mal Iver!

  14. lite fm dullness. pretty video that’s been done before. bring on the downclicks, but this guy isn’t original or all that special, and most of all, he’s incredibly boring both lyrically and musically.

    • THANK YOU. jeez, its attitudes that make this guy ‘amazing!’ which explains SOOOO many people getting following the past decade, welcome to the low-standard 2000s.

      • he has a sometimes pretty falsetto. He uses auto tune on his voice. His songs are generally a few chords, that slowly build up to an ‘emotional finale’, it’s extremely formulaic, and ultimately background music. There are worse things out there, it’s just silly to me how much people get excited about him with exclamations of ‘breathtaking’ and ‘amazing’, when it’s such a retread of already fairly boring music (bruce hornesby, who Bon Iver claims is a huge influence)—I get the whole “it’s funnie to love 80s lite rock, and thusly i’m ironically going to ape it, but sort of not ironically because I’m really serious and sensitive, I just don’t think it was executed in a fashion which merits such hyperbole. Never had the word “meh” seemed more appropriate.

      • the last 5-10 years have had some glaring examples of hype-driven artists getting surprisingly popular due to low standards. See: Vivian Girls, Wavves, YOU, YOUR FACE, YOUR FACE’S DICK’S FACE, etc.

    • Please tell us more, Uncle Trinity. You’re so dang interesting. And i mean that with all my gas.

  15. Anyone want to run away to Iceland with me? We can wear sweaters!

  16. I liked this better 7 years ago when it was a Sigur Ros video

  17. This is so breath taking

  18. Is it bad that you want to be that kid so bad you cry while watching this video? Of course, that didn’t happen to me. Purely hypothetical…

  19. I can see that a lot of people is feeling same as me. I love the song, atmosphere, bla bla. But… It’s so sigurosish.


  20. Fuck fucking Norway dudes. Buncha sheepfuckers.

  21. Wow, not sure if I have ever seen more people sweat some wanna-be artsy BS before in my life.

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