Future Islands - On The Water

Baltimore’s Future Islands have an uncommon touch with injecting grit and claustrophobic stains on otherwise melodic new wave. Calling the first single from their new LP “Balance” has certain poetry to it, then. The record On The Water follows this summer’s “Before The Bridge,” and here we hear something like the Cure if Roger O’Donnell had some squeaking new synth patches with lyrics offering less mope and more hope: “And I can sit and talk, because I was just like you, so arrogant and brave, impetuous and blue / But trust me as a friend, I’ll do all that I can do / I’d do anything for you, because I want to see you through / It just takes time / You can change your life.” Trust:

On The Water is out 10/11 via Thrill Jockey.

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  1. vastly underrated band delivers again. future islands for the win win.

  2. Sorry but this song was disappointing I was waiting the entire song for some kind of variation in the rhythm or melody. I generally dislike music that bores me on the first listen.

    • future islands don’t have lots of variations and bridges and things like that in their music for most people its the lyrics and vocals….basically its music that makes you wanna dance while breakdown and cry

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