The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love

The Rapture’s new record made a glorious entrance via the gospel-and-house tinged jammer “How Deep Is Your Love?,” now it’s time to take that record in its glorious whole. (Wow, that sentence.) Stream In The Grace Of Your Love below in preparation for our group premature evaluation next week:

Have this to go:

In The Grace Of Your Love is out 9/5 via DFA. Pre-order it now at

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  1. Album is just awesome!!!!!! Can’t wait for vinyl.

  2. Loving all the breakdowns on this album. The 2 minute outro on “Sail Away”, the mid song change-up on “Come Back To Me”.

    It’s also weird listening to a whole Rapture album where Luke sings every song. Losing Mattie was a big hit, which is why it’s even more impressive how solid this album is. Luke’s voice is pure love.

  3. That single sounds awful familiar. Oh wait….

    • You know, it’s funny you say that

      Over the last couple months, I’ve been playing the hell out of Obsession and Animotion as a whole

      I never really made the connection when I first heard the new Rapture single, but now the two collide!

      I really don’t hear it in the chorus, but definitely with the piano!

  4. I think I’ve listened to this album like 5 times today. Its really unfortunate that classes for school start tomorrow because I’m going to be spending all my study time rocking out to this and M83 (when that comes out). Thanks, the Rapture, it really is worth it, but can you get me a job when I don’t have a college degree because of you guys?

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