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House Of Balloons took the Weeknd from clandestine and shadowy R&B project to Entourage tie-ins and triumphant live shows, so we can only guess and brace for where Abel Tesfaye’s second and third mixtapes slated for release this year will take him. The next, Thursday, is available now, Thursday. Download it at The last of his 2011 trip-and-blues triptych, Echoes Of Silence, will drop later this fall.

The Weeknd’s website is buckling under the strain of an entire internet trying to cinch up its .zip at once, so if your’e waiting, kill some time here with the mixtape’s previously reported Drake collab “The Zone,” and the pore over the Thursday tracklist:

01 “Loney Star”
02 “Life Of The Party”
03 “Thursday”
04 “The Zone”
05 “The Birds Part One
06 “The Birds Part Two”
07 “Gone”
08 “Rolling Stone”
09 “Heaven Or Las Vegas”

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  1. everyone should stop downloading the new weeknd mixtape so I can.

  2. Please let us know when a Screwed version surfaces.

    “Thursday” sounds like they did it again. Just as good as “House of Balloons”.

  3. Fantastic stuff. House Of Balloons was no fluke.

  4. Not as good as House Of Balloons but still is really fucking good.

  5. Excited to listen to this, ‘House of Balloons – Glass Table Girls’ was such a standout from the last mixtape, if Thursday comes even close to that I’ll be happy.

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  7. definetly not as good as the first, seems to be really trying too hard, good in places, but the singing is getting to be a headache, and i barely understand a damn word his hollllarinn

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  9. So I noticed the Cocteau Twins reference on the last track’s title, and now i’m noticing that there’s a big influence on their vocals for this mix tape.

    A lot of the words/vocals are muffled to the point where his voice is just another instrument, something Liz Frasier perfected while in Cocteau Twins. Interesting, but so far it’s not quite as good as House of Balloons.

  10. Can we get a comment party for this please?

  11. I’m stoked just having it downloading. I can’t imagine what it’s like to actually listen to.

    • Okay, I’ve listened to it now. It’s still remarkably good; but, I’m just not feeling it like House of Balloons. HoB was like an immediate eargasm. Thursday is requiring more listens to have one.

  12. The one thing keeping me from loving this is that I feel like this guy is a total douche bag and not the lovable Kanye West style douche bag.

  13. Dude seems like a creep to me.

  14. Not as good as ‘House of Balloons’ but his ingenious use of the word ‘fuckin” keeps me hangin’ on.

  15. Really good until Drake pipes in.

    • That comment was explicitly hipster. Were all hipsters here, but to say that one popular artist’s 30 seconds ruin a good piece of music is obnoxious and overly cliche.

      • You’re jumping to conclusions. All he said was that he didn’t like Drake’s contribution, which is a completely legitimate opinion to have. He didn’t say “fuck mainstream artists like Drake; they ruin otherwise good music.”

        Don’t pick fights.

    • I usually dislike Drake (Sprite commercial ruined it for me, bro. Annoying ass rapping. . .) but I thought he was effective on his track here.

      Good mixtape for sure. Almost as good as HoB.

  16. I don’t know if he produces it himself or he has someone do it for him, but these beats are (I think) better than HoB.
    He’s growing, can’t wait to hear the next one.

    • he has two producers he mainly works with, one is call illangelo and the other doc mckinney, i know illangelo through a mutual firend, he’s quite talented.

  17. Life of the Party, hottest thing he’s done yet.

  18. Even though it loses a lot of the experimental quality the last mixtape offered, I still enjoy it. I just wish the post-dubstep sound was still in the mix.

  19. Cover art is awesome. Whips the contents’ butt.

  20. This is every bit as good as House of Balloons. I wish this mixtapes were actual albums. I want to pay them for this!

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