Francophonic BTW Malajube rung in their Tromp L’oiel followup with the fittingly titled Labyrinthes earlier this year with a live take on album standout “Hérésie” and a murderous video for “Porté Disparu.” Now a day after getting another Polaris Prize nomination, the band returns with this video for the relatively catchy and not particularly labyrinthe “Luna,” a swinging, piano-driven pop tune in which one of the lyrics is definitely “Luna.” It features a despondent, high-diving heroine whose fantasies of synchronized swimming are rudely interrupted by a lifeguard doing his job. Bastard.

Labyrinthes is out via Dare To Care.

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  1. Maude  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2009 0

    The singer is wearing the same outfit as in their previous video “Porté disparu”. I like the cameos that the guys from the band are doing.

  2. Luna, Luna, te veux voir la lumière || Luna, Luna, you want to see the light
    Luna, Luna, le soleil ne brille pas pour toi || Luna, Luna, the sun doesn’t burn for you
    Je peux la faire pour toi, Luna || I could do it for you, Luna

    Pa pa da pa da pa da

    Je te vois souffrir, Luna || I can see you’re suffering, Luna
    Je peux la faire pour toi, Luna || I could do it for you, Luna
    Je te prends sous mon aile || I’ll take you under my wing

    Pa pa da pa da pa da

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