Björk - Biophilia

Here’s a new cut from Björk’s high-concept forthcoming LP Biophilia called “Moon,” a spare, swirling cut that puts Björk’s cascading vocals up front. Previously on Björkwatch you’ve heard “Virus,” “Crystalline” and “Cosmogony” as well as gotten a load of a $812-for-the-boxed set pricing plan. So maybe “Moon” will convince you to shell out! But almost certainly, it won’t. Eight-hundred bucks can buy like, 800 tacos, perhaps even more tacos than that depending on current taco-to-currency exchange rates.

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  1. Because of the harp-like intro, there were thoughts of the lovely Ms. Newsom circulating in my head. Then I remembered it wasn’t Joanna, so I became a little bit sad. Then Bjork started to sing and I switched to being happy again!

    Music is just awesome.

  2. Looks like Some Kind of Awesome took the song down, but you can find it here as well:
    Granted, the blogger points out that this sounds like a live track, so I’m not sure this is exactly the same as what you posted…

    Also, welcome, new Stereogum writer person!

  3. found it here!
    and it is very pretty. i was a little worried after virus, which admittedly did grow on me, but this is much more immediate and wonderful. very vespertine-esque.

  4. you can stop talking about the Ultimate edition. it was only available for order until August 12th. Honestly.. you talk about it like its such a big deal breaker on the album. Much like the new music and album itself, It’s a gift set not made for everyone, i think it would be a great investment considering the tuning forks. thats something that could be put to use if one were to ever take on the task of creating their own stringed or plucked instrument.

  5. This “Copyright Claim” song doesn’t seem very good…

    • To each their own… I guess. This “Copyright Claim” song is The Jam of Summer ’11 if you ask me!

      (Also, the song hasn’t been taken down–yet–from the site David Sobalvarro links to above.)

  6. I like Bjork, but I am not going to fork over $800 dollars. Nope. I am not that rich and nor am that keen on the new material.

  7. I’m a bit bored of her screaming.

    Find it here too:

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