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Here’s an actual IM I just got from Stereogum executive editor Amrit Singh: “Ride the Lou-tning.” This ghastly pun, obviously, was a reference to the forthcoming batshit Lou Reed/Metallica collaborative album. We learned about the LP a while back, and now we know a few more things about the album.

Reed and Metallica now have a website for their project together, and they’ve let slip a few details about it. The album is arriving on, appropriately enough, October 31, and it’s called Lulu. (Amazingly enough, the album’s title is only like the 8th-weirdest thing about it.)

The album will include 10 songs, and they’ve let the world know about three of them: “Junior Dad,” “Mistress Dread,” and “Pumping Blood.”

The site also features a few fairly badass Anton Corbijn press photos and a quick explanation of the album’s concept. And I quote:

“Lulu” was inspired by German expressionist writer Frank Wededkind’s plays “Earth Spirit” and “Pandora’s Box,” which tell a story of a young abused dancer’s life and relationships and are now collectively known as the “Lulu Plays.” Since their publication in the early 1900′s, the plays have been the inspiration for a silent film (“Pandora’s Box,” 1929), an opera, and countless other creative endeavors. Originally the lyrics and musical landscape were sketched out by Lou for a theatrical production in Berlin, but after coming together with the ’Tallica boys for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York in 2009 all guilty parties knew they wanted to make more music together. Lou was inspired enough by that performance to recently ask the band to join him in taking his theatrical “Lulu” piece to the next level and so starting in early May of this year we were all camped out recording at HQ studios in Northern California, bringing us to today and ten complete songs.

(via NME)

At that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anniversary show, Reed and Metallica shared a stage and played “Sweet Jane” and “White Light/White Heat.” Here’s the “Sweet Jane” video:

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  1. This album is going to be so bad.

  2. They should have went with the title of “Metalicalou: Electric Boogaloo”

  3. Dear Metallica:

    The time to team up with a proto-metal legend was before you started sounding like Monster Magnet. Go back to Armani and suing fans. http://imgur.com/pkowC

  4. This is either going to be amazing, or a sell out piece of trash.

  5. Ghastly puns like that are why you are so sorely needed around here, Tom.

  6. Good to have you posting news stories at Stereogum Tom! Big fan of your news puns.

    I’m psyched for this album. Who knows how it’ll sound, maybe like a golden toilet again. I agree Post-2000 Metallica has left A LOT to be desired, but it’s still Metallica. And it’s still Lou Reed.

    We can only hope the mathematical magic of addition can actually equal a greater sum.

  7. To be fair their cover album was their most listenable album from the past 20 years. So maybe this could be good if not at least interesting.

  8. Bad-ass! This is worth it for the bad-ass picture if not for anything else. Where have I seen something similar? Oh yeah:

  9. Metallica Machine Music


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  12. This album is going to become the new gold standard by which all other pieces of shit are compared. And by “pieces of shit”, I mean shiny, solid, 24k bricks of pure dung.

  13. I look like a balder Michael Keaton who’s less funny and more cunty.

    Best regards,
    Lars xoxo

  14. Am I the only one who thinks there is something very ‘Weekend At Bernys’ bout that photo. I swear they’re holding Lou up

  15. How about they call the band “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”?

    And when is the Megadeath/John Cale collabo dropping!

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