Lana Del Rey - "Video Games"

Lana Del Rey is the new alias of the pouty-lipped New York singer-songwriter Lizzy Grant, which sadly means she’s no relation to badass female pro wrestler Sara Del Rey. “Video Games,” her forthcoming single, is the sort of languidly sexy orchestral pop that we haven’t heard enough of since Fiona Apple’s been away. The video is a collection of zeigeisty images (TMZ-type drunk-actress shots, skateboarding footage) made to look vintage and washed-out. Watch it below.

The “Video Games” b/w “Blue Jeans” single is out 10/9 on Stranger Records.

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    • I know! I said the same thing about Dusty Springfield! Bitch was getting way too much press.

    • Let’s apply some logic to this logic-less comment.

      So any musician or band that sounds remotely like another musician or band that came before it should not be listened to? We should have never listened to Interpol, but Joy Division instead? We should of never listened to Tame Impala, but Pink Floyd instead?

      Ergo, everyone should stop making music because there is enough already and we’ll just listen to old music forever & ever amen?

      If I wanted to listen to Lana Del Ray, I’ll go listen to Lana Del Ray.

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        • “Interpol doesn’t at all sound like Joy Division” – nobody, ever.

        • Ha! Sorry, I just realized you’re the type of person that goes to an online obituary of a recently deceased songwriter – one that, were you not to know who this person is, actually explains who the person is – and writes “Who?” in the comment section.

          Stay classy, thomyorkefan#1.

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        • Damn, DutchAss, your less popular than Rick Perry around here. Deservedly so.

  3. I think this song is gorgeous. It’s too early for me to pass judgement on her, but this song is beautiful just on its own merits.

    • Normally I’m not too into whimsical bitches singing about whimsical bitch stuff over a montage of whimsical made to look retro imagery, but yeah, gorgeous is definitely a good word for it.

  4. At the risk of inciting violence, let me just say that I really like this song, and I really really like the whole vacant stare thing Ms. Del Ray has got going on.

  5. Love it. Never heard of this girl or band IDK. she is kinda hot too

  6. What an amazing talent. I am excited for her to get the recognition she deserves.

  7. welcome to a couple weeks ago stereogum.

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    • Technically this is a new video because the old one was taken down because of copyright infringement. If you’ll notice there aren’t any Disney cartoons in this one.

      Also the Internet is a pretty large place. Even though you may have already heard this (I have) some people may not have. If you notice on the comments there are a good amount of people hearing this for the first time. I’d say it’s better that this is discussed than not discussed. No need to be smug/snarky about it.

    • Really. You rate people on things because they are 2 weeks “late” on something (and of course it is not the first time LDR has been mentioned here, so… um…). But you basically bag-o-douche’d yourself on that comment. Just slayin’.

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