Florence And The Macine - What The Water Gave Me Video

Florence & The Machine absolutely blew the fuck up on the strength of their 2009 debut album Lungs, so the announcement of their sophomore album is a big deal indeed. So here’s what we know: The new Florence album is coming sometime in November from Universal Republic, and it doesn’t have a title yet. It has 13 tracks, and Paul Epworth produced it.

And then there’s the matter of the new song “What The Water Gave Me,” which lasts nearly six minutes and which sounds just as anthemically swirly as you’d hope a new Florence song would sound. The single is for sale on iTunes now, and Florence also just posted a new video for it, which has lots footage of Florence recording and dancing ecstatically. Watch it below.

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  2. A departure from the regular Florence sound, is it not? I’m cautiously optomistic about this new album…

    • It sounds pretty in line with what I expect from them, though yeah, maybe less full of monstrous percussion than a lot of other songs. ; )
      “Cautiously optimistic” sums it up for me well too, and I didn’t know the new album was coming out so soon, so yay for something to brighten up a largely crappy day.

  3. Somewhat Waterboys-ish.

  4. Yet still, Florence (Angelic vocals) + the Machines (Harp, Drum & cymbals, tambourine…) making a scene last couple of years…. Will they continue the success??? I say yes………

  5. A little bit on the nose, isn’t it? There’s really no excuse for that video – severely lacking in imagination. I was a fan of her first album, but the artwork from its jacket was pretty tacky, and this seems to follow-suit.

  6. Great song. BIG song.

  7. Sort of abysmally generic production, no?

  8. Can imagine there will be a few remixes of this song in the coming weeks .

  9. I’m excited. They’re always a good band to watch. I haven’t heard that much from them recently, but I loved that last record.

  10. Like everything I hear from her, just excessively pompous and pretentious. I think she’s trying too hard, at least this one sounde like that to me.

  11. Dont’ get me wrong.. I absolutely adore her! She’s got such an amazing charisma that is so hypnotic. I just wished she relaxed a bit and just let it flow more naturally.. she’s got great talent.

  12. I love this song. Florence is amazing.

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