Ryan Adams by Danny Clinch

Historically, Ryan Adams has never been the type to wait years between albums. Somehow, though, we haven’t heard anything but archival releases and bizarre quasi-metal side projects from the man for quite some time. He’s all set to return with the new joint Ashes & Fire very soon, and now he’s shared one of the album’s 12 songs with the world. It’s called “Lucky Now,” and it’s a perfectly lovely acoustic lope, the exact kind of thing that earned Adams a place in our hearts in the first place. Listen to it below.

Ashes & Fire is out 10/11 on Pax-Am/Capitol.

[Photo by Danny Clinch]

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  1. this is definitely ok.

  2. Say what you will about the guy, the world is a better place with his music existing.

  3. Sounds like… a Ryan Adams song. He really never pushes any boundaries, does he? But that’s not the point, because it’s melodic and seems to hold a certain place and time in standstill. It really took me a while to come around to Adams’ softer stuff, what with its dad-rock in the autumn sensibilities, but (maybe because I’m getting old) I find myself turning to it more and more. This should become a go-to fall listen – providing its released before the fall.

    • Doesn’t push boundaries? Are you kidding me? This guy has been all over the place – in a good way. Take a listen to the variance in his catalog – alt-country to glam rock to “quasi-metal” and back again. this is definitely textbook RA, which is great given the uncharacteristic lapse in time since his last completely new album.

    • “dad-rock in the autumn sensibilities’

      just stop writing.

    • “providing its released before the fall”

      Album is due October 11.

      Anyway, I am really encouraged by this song. It doesn’t sound like anything he’s done recently, especially if we’re counting III/IV or Orion (although both of those albums were originally recorded around the same time as Easy Tiger). And I think the biggest reason for that is the vocals – this is the best he’s sounded in a long time. I remember reading about a year ago, when he first started to record the songs for Ashes & Fire, that he quit smoking. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why the vocals sound so good here.

  4. love. thank you for posting. if i was the type of girl to say “cream jeans”.. i guess i’d say it now.

  5. I fought the law and the law one.


    • Courtney Love?

    • The chord structure is similar but there’s nothing about the melody that resembles ‘I Fought The Law’. And if we’re going by similar chord structures, every artist on earth is, as you so eloquently put it, an unoriginal taint. This isn’t my absolute favorite Ryan Adams song, but I appreciate it for being a great lyric and melody, which is what he does best.

  6. Not too shocking or out there but it’s a damn pretty song. Damn pretty.

  7. This has nothing to do with the song, which I like, but does that photo make anyone else just want to slap that cigarette right out of his mouth? I hate that photo. He looks like a pretentious smartass.

    Anyway, about the song. Takes me back to the days of “Heartbreaker” and Whiskeytown’s “Pneumonia.” My favorite Ryan Adams era. I’m pretty excited about this album now.

  8. Love it but it reminds me of Used Cars by Springsteen.

  9. That picture is terrible.

  10. Its good but…not charting new territory. Good to hear his voice doing something new tho…

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