“Terrible Angels” is the title track from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s forthcoming EP. Beck produced the song just like he produced Gainsbourg’s IRM album, but it’s a straightforwardly glammy dance-pop stomper, and it doesn’t really have any of his fingerprints. It’s basically a toned-down version of a Dr. Luke production, and it’s the last thing I expected to hear from Gainsbourg and Beck. Maybe that’s the point.

For the video, director Nathalie Canguilhem throws the gloriously disheveled Gainsbourg into a parking garage for a choreographed dance routine with an army of lookalikes. Then, something bad happens to Gainsbourg. If you saw Antichrist, you should be used to seeing bad things happen to Charlotte Gainsbourg, but it’s pretty surprising nevertheless. Watch:

(via Pitchfork)

The Terrible Angels EP is out 9/6 on Because Music/Elektra.

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  1. surprising? what else did alternating shots of her standing in the middle of ramp and cars driving around the same ramp indicate to you?

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw Julian Casablancas in the army of lookalikes.

  3. 2011′s only dance number choreographed by a junior high school cheer squad but not performed by a junior high cheer squad.

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