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If you’re an indie rock-inclined human being of a certain age, there’s a good chance you’ve been checking for updates on the Wild Flag album the same way 14-year-old girls are checking for updates on the Hunger Games movie. Here’s why: Wild Flag’s members include Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, which means two thirds of Sleater-Kinney are back together! It also includes Mary Timony, which means all of the Spells are back together! (Did you ever hear The Age Of Backwards, the 1999 EP from the Brownstein/Timony side project? You should! It’s really great!)

Anyway, Wild Flag’s self-titled debut album is out 9/13 on Merge, and it’s streaming at NPR now. It is dope, and you should hear it.

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  1. Funny how recent “indie” rock has been mostly a bunch of wussy guys dancing around to lo-fi or electronic beats (Vampire Weekend, Sufjan, Phoenix, Bon iver) and then a group of women like this comes along with more balls than they’ll ever have. Hairy pussies showing the boys how its done.

  2. You made a comment like this on another article, but lets be clear here – for every Bon Iver and Sufjan there’s a Black Keys and Black Lips – just like for every St. Vincent and Beach House there’s a Karen O and Wild Flag. Let’s be adults and not omit basic facts to support our poorly thought-out hypotheses about the wussification of rock.

    • But if we don’t keep talking about the wussification of rock, then nobody is going to make us believe that rock is “back.”

    • The Black Keys and Black Lips hardly enjoy the same level of popularity as Bon Iver and Sufjan. Can you name a current indie band that “rocks” that is as well known as those two?

      • You’re right about this. In fact, an indie-rock-oriented college radio station that I have listened to for years is now playing a lot more wussy things. If something rocking comes on that is actually good, it is almost always from an album that came out 3+ years ago. Oh yeah, and now they are talking about throwing more hip hop into the mix, which is just totally awesome dudes because where else on Earth will you be able to hear hip hop otherwise?

      • I would argue that The Black Keys, The Strokes, The Arctic Monkeys, and LCD Soundsystem are more successful bands that rock – or at least know how to have a good time. And yes, The Black Keys are a more well established group than Bon Iver and Sufjan, who may seem incredibly popular because of hype and the insular nature of indie-music, but really aren’t that widely known.

    • Who gives a shit? Wild Flag!

  3. Great, great album.

    Could really do with some new Sleater-Kinney though

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