Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

“Bedroom Eyes” is a sterling example of Dum Dum Girls’ generational reprise of Chrissie Hynde, a nifty trick that gives color and mood to the band’s forthcoming Only In Dreams LP. Pair it with the last-dance-at-prom cut “Coming Down” to get a sense of the album’s charm, though that’s really best accomplished by copping the whole platter. It’s one of the year’s stronger and most consistently on point efforts. Have at “Eyes” here:

Only In Dreams is out 9/27 via Sub Pop.

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  1. Couldn’t disagree more. I’ve spent enough time with this new album to say I’m really disappointed. I liked the Mazzy Star direction they took with “Coming Down,” but the rest of the album is more of the same surf-pop. Didn’t Best Coast already put this album out last year, but with a few more stronger singles?

  2. Best Coast? Really? I don’t know what reality you occupy, but in no universe is Best Coast close to being as good a band as Dum Dum Girls. Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls serve as a really good example of how two bands may supericially seem to be taking similar approaches to songwriting but actually could not have less in common. Best Coast is to McDonald’s as Dum Dum Girls is to Burger King, and the people that pick Best Coast have no taste.

    • I’m more of an In ‘N Out Burger type of person myself.

    • But seriously, as far as similarities, you’re probably deaf because both bands sound like lo-fi surfy girl group pop scene from California and to me, all that shit sounds the same at this point. Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, Frankie and the Outs — Same shit, different name. You’re being really pretentious in your response, too, especially since you fail to explain what it is exactly, oh holy mhann24, that makes Dumb Dumb Girls so much better than Meh-st Coast. What exactly is their different songwriting approaches? Because Dee Dee sings about her dead mom and Bethany sings about her cat and weed? Big woop, take away the words and it’s the same song. Also, for what it’s worth, you’re saying Burger King is better than McDonald’s, which is the real troubling statement here. Everyone knows their fries are better, they have much more healthier options, Chicken McNuggets aren’t that bad for you it turns out as recent studies suggest and don’t forget, Shamrock Shakes. Choke on a thick one…

      • I notice you failed to mention the burgers, which are, you know, the main course, the actual substance of a burger place. Oh, that’s right, you’re not concerned with substance or quality. And on the next Best Coast album, maybe they’ll even diversify a la McDonald’s, offer up a whole bunch of different kinds of songs, but it won’t matter because there isn’t any one significant thing they do really well and there’s nothing really satisfying about what they make. You know, analogies aside, there is a reason why many bands write songs about important things, even bands who put their vocals so low in the mix that you can’t understand what they’re singing. Obviously, those bands didn’t write the lyrics for you, they wrote them so the song would be about something and it would turn out better. I can’t help it if there is something wrong with you and you don’t get more out of a Dum Dum Girls song than a Best Coast song. One is definitely more affecting than the other, and you really can’t differentiate the various levels of quality of those bands you just named, then you probably shouldn’t be offering your opinions about bands. Maybe just sick to something safe like saying you like or dislike this or that genre.

        • shoud read: “and if you really can’t differentiate the various levels of quality of those bands you just named, then you probably shouldn’t be offering your opinions about bands. Maybe just stick to something safe like saying you like or dislike this or that genre.”

        • I don’t even know why I’m bothering to argue about Best Coast. vs. Dumb Dumb Girls. They both suck and will be forgotten about in a few years. Your favorite band in the world, the Dumb Dumb Girls, is garbage. You hear that? They’re not important and they make bad music, just like Best Coast also does. Now maybe you should choke on a Burger King burger, and if that doesn’t kill you, the heart attack will.

          • Dude, they’re not my favorite band. They’re not even in my top 20. I just think Dum Dum Girls are a good band and that Best Coast is not. Actually, I don’t think that; it’s a fact. I don’t know why you are so passionate about this, but for the record, if I died from eating burgers (highly unlikely since I am thin and in excellent health as of my checkup last week) that would be okay because they are awesome.

  3. I actually agree with the duchess here. Anyone who suggests that this type of song and a best coast type of song are wholly different is pretty delusional. Those types of people are the a-holes who also probably helped create ‘genres’ that are way too specific. Do we ever really need to describe music as ‘post-punk disco’ or ‘witch house’? Fuck you hipster.

    As far as this song goes specifically, it isn’t great. Coming Down is phenomenal and this a step back.

    • I never disputed that they’re the same genre; my point was that, between the two bands, the execution of the surf-rock songwriting is different enough that it is stupid to say, “Best Coast already did that, so why bother?” I said that duchess should just stick to saying that he likes or dislikes whole genres of music because he is unable to differentiate degrees of quality within a genre.

    • Sounds like you need some chillwave right about now.

  4. Dee Dee is the only one who can actually sing. That’s the difference between this bunch of bands.

  5. Sounds like an attempt at a girl-sung Big Star song. Like all of their songs. And I’m pretty cool with that.

  6. They take unoriginality to a whole other level. First there was the 1960s garage rock sound which has already been redone in three or four different eras. Then there was the cover of a song a quarter of a century old and making it sound like it was even older. Now the channeling of mazzy star and possibly galaxy 500. At least that isn’t quite as old as the 60s sound. Next up I bet they tackle pavement or nirvana or soundgarden.

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