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Scott Weiland definitely wants us to think he’s cool. On his website, the Stone Temple Pilots frontman is selling a digital-only comp that features covers of cool songs, all curated in a weirdly showy way. It’s pretty ballsy to start your cover album with the Stone Roses’ “I Am The Resurrection” and end it with David Bowie’s “Jean Genie,” so credit Weiland with that, anyway. The album also features his Smiths cover and the Stone Temple Pilots’ 2001 cover of the Beatles’ “Revolution”, as well as Weiland’s takes on the Flaming Lips’ “Waiting For Superman,” the New York Dolls’ “Personality Crisis,” and Nirvana’s “Frances Farmer Will Get Her Revenge On Seattle.”

Below, listen to Weiland’s extremely, monumentally karaoke version of Radiohead’s OK Computer classic “Let Down” and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “I Am The Resurrection” (Stone Roses)
02 “Personality Crisis” (New York Dolls)
03 “Frances Farmer Will Get Her Revenge On Seattle” (Nirvana)
04 “Let Down” (Radiohead)
05 “Into Your Arms” (Lemonheads)
06 “Dead Flowers” (The Rolling Stones)
07 “Waiting For Superman” (The Flaming Lips)
08 “Revolution” (The Beatles)
09 “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)
10 “Reel Around The Fountain” (The Smiths)
11 “Fame” (David Bowie)
12 “Jean Genie” (David Bowie)
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  1. So unnecessary.

  2. Scott Weiland covering the Lemonheads? Next thing you’ll tell me the Red Hot Chili Peppers are on the cover of Rolling Stone.

    • Technically Lemonheads’ “Into Your Arms” is a cover itself, but yeah it’s pretty much associated only with them. (Also, thumbs up to your joke.)

  3. Unnecessary but at least he played it safe, he didnt destroy it…

  4. sounds a bit karaoke, but “Let Down” is my favorite song of all time, so I’m ok with this.

  5. Give Scott a break. His heyday may have come and gone, but it’s better he do harmless stuff like this than turn into another Billy Corgan. And in the world of bad Radiohead covers (and there are a *lot* of them) this isn’t so bad.

  6. woozefa  |   Posted on Aug 30th, 2011 0

    i love how he covered bowie so well that, according to your text, he actually changed the name of the song!

  7. Really? I mean, why? Why did this need to be made? He adds nothing to the song and just sounds like he is trying to be Thom. I can understand doing this at a STP show or something, but to record and sell it is just ridiculous.

  8. Shouldn’t it be ‘the emptiest of feelings’ instead of ‘emptiness of feelings’.
    Terrible. Useless.

  9. it´s a shame that STP broke up, they made excellent music back in the day, so it´s kind of sad listening to scott weiland doing a cover album, specially a cover of such a beautiful song that is just perfect as it is. appropriately enough, i feel a bit let down.

  10. scott weiland doing capable covers of good songs? automatically what a horrible idea!

    • Actually, I always found his cover of “But Not Tonight” to be quite good. The one that was released number of years ago, I think on the “Not Another Teen Movie” soundtrack or some bullshit like that. Not sure if that’s the same as the one on the digital download. The “Let Down” cover…not so much.

  11. when i hear someones gonna cover a great/classic RH song it makes me cringe, it’s like covering Imagine or Stairway etc…you just shouldn’t do it…LIVE once in a while sure but, not in a studio, it’s just dumb.

    • and now that the music thingy finally popped up i listened to it…BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad bad bad BAD idea, just as i thought haha. dont TOUCH OK COMPUTER IDIOTS! almost any other album you might be able to get away with, but def. not OKC, it’s too perfect and too holy, you’ll always look like a fool:)

  12. “Let Down” is right.

  13. for a truly great cover of this song please see: toots and the maytals on the album radiodread. scott’s version is shite.

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