Willie Nelson - "The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)"

Willie Nelson covers Coldplay for a Chipotle ad — why not, I guess? But “The Scientist” does sound pretty good in Nelson’s signature twang so I’ll take it. The ad itself, well, that’s another story. I feel weird.

“The Scientist” is available on iTunes and proceeds benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

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  1. Talk about country strong.

  2. what the hell are they trying to do with this?

    • They’re trying to say “Our cows, chickens, and pigs are happy as fuck until we slaughter the shit outta them in this weird boxing machine and one single farmer who seems kinda depressed loads them into a pretty small, non-air conditioned truck and drives them out of frame.”

  3. little typo with “sounds”. no biggie, just in case you were anal about that sort of thing (I am not the grammmer pollice)

  4. “I don’t know what to do with this” – coldplay fans, chipotle fans, and farmers

  5. this is fucked. WHY?

  6. Cultivating a better world, one burrito at a time.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but is there a lot of autotune on his voice? 1:04 there’s a really odd timbre on his warble on “Shame” and then a scoop up at 1:27 on “I’m”

    Am I hearing things? Because the idea of a robot Willie Nelson is bringing me down.



    • Yeah, the autotune is super, super thick and disturbing. It’s been growing ever since “Beer for My Horses.” Makes me wonder what the state of his voice is. But so what? You know? He’s almost 80. He’s had the wear and tear. He’s fixin’ to die. Let him sing out of tune damnit. He’s Willie Nelson!

      Somebody needs to put in a call to Rick Rubin. We might need another round of American Recordings to seal out The Legend of Willie.

      • Right? There’s no reason for Red Headed Stranger to tune himself pitch perfect. It’s not like he ever was, really. It’s really noticeable on this though…this may just be a really badly produced track.

    • Kind of funny that an ad that’s supposed to be about natural ingredients feels the need to make Nelson’s voice sound like T-pain.

    • What I want to know is how widely used autotune really is…does anyone know of any current artists who don’t use it? The too-perfect vocals really bother me sometimes.

  8. I wish he had just sung a song called “Don’t eat Square Pig Paste.” That would’ve been better.

  9. That headline is just about the last sentence I ever expected to read.

  10. hmmmm. I dunno. I still love a good hot dog!

  11. This is going to make Bon Iver shit blood on MTV.

  12. It almost sounds like they just took individual words from the vocals on songs he’s already recorded, put them in order to match the lyrics, and processed them so much to the point where they seem like they came from the same take.

    Interesting licensing question: Couldn’t the label that owns the masters (assuming Willie doesn’t own them himself, maybe he doesn’t) legally get away with that? They own his voice on the songs they paid for, right? Why can’t they manipulate them however they want unless it’s specified that way in the contract (often it isn’t)

  13. “If you do a commercial you’re off the Artistic Roll Call and that goes for EVERYONE… except Willie Nelson. 24 million dollar tax bill, Willie was a littler LOOSER than the rest of us. I just avert my eyes when he sings about Tacos. ‘I’m sittin’ here sellen’ tacos ooohhhh waiten’ for the woman in the rose tatoo. My butt is so loose.’ Oh this is so sad.”
    ~Bill Hicks

  14. hey here’s an idea, can we officially retire “because why not”

  15. Sounds too much like the original just with bad vocals. If Wilie Nelson is gonna cover a song I would expect it to sound a little more Folk or Country like. That way his vocals harmonize with the music more and the song sounds better.

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