The clip for Destroyer’s languid Kaputt track “Savage Night At The Opera” follows a golden-hour motorcycle’s-eye-view trip through some urban downtown without breaking its point of view or switching camera angles. It finally comes to rest on a really nice image that I don’t want to spoil. David Galloway directs. Check it out below.

Shout out to the truck at the beginning whose flashers almost blink in time to the song’s beat.

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  1. At first I was upset that there was no Opera, no nighttime and nothing savage about the video at all.

    But the ending delivered on one person I was hoping to see. My favorite track from Kaputt.

  2. It’s a great track and a fine video… but this is a complete rip-off of “C’était un Rendezvous.”

  3. anybody know what city that is? or should i just assume it’s vancouver?

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