If you’ve seen the spastic noiseniks of HEALTH on a regular basis, then you are making some good decisions with your life. You’ve also likely repeatedly experienced the LA BTW’s concert cover of “Goth Star” by Lovepump labelmate, tourmate, and fellow BTW Pictureplane. It was once just a lowly live fan video, but now the Fleetwood-sampling ecstasy smeared Dark Rift jammer is an official HEALTH MP3, and it’s downloadable below:

(via NME)

Lovepump love.

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  1. These two should do a full-fledged album together because their music works so well whether it’s one of them remixing the other or the other covering.

    By the way, your post on the 90s girl group show on abc has closed comments yet you ask for our thoughts. What’s up with that?

  2. Love the new verse vocals, but the world beat drums sounded better in the original. I think a mash up of the two versions would create a perfect song.

  3. Not bad, but I really thought HEALTH would add something more to it than just vocals. The rest of it is pretty faithful to the original. I guess I prefer covers that deviate from the original. Again, not a bad effort but I feel like they could’ve done more with it.

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