Marilyn Manson - "Born Villain"

Though it’s not the shameless fun of pranking Marilyn Manson, Shia Leboeuf directs the creepy clip for Manson’s new song, “Born Villain.” You know what’s weirder than that? They met at a Kills concert. NSWF…

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  1. BAH! NSFW, NSFW!!!!

  2. The entire first minute and a half is completely stolen from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain.

  3. If he would just simply attempt to make good music without all of his gimmicks, I’m pretty sure it’d be good. Until then, why indeed.

  4. When did he start sounding so much like David Duchovny?

  5. Fuck you guys, this videos a lot more interesting/enthralling/artistic than much of the BORING BORING BORING hipster crap that is hailed on this site on a daily basis

  6. now THAT’S how you make a Lady Gaga video.

  7. Other than the spoken word parts, I really like this. MM might be trying new things again, which is where he seems to come up with his best music. His last album was shit, but I’m convinced he has at least one great album left in him. He will rise like a phoenix from the flame.

  8. I like the (what sounds like a) drum machine pattern, and uh…that’s about it. Oh no wait, I also like the fact that he obviously doesn’t care enough to even seem to consider writing an actual chorus.

  9. Come on. Admit it. Who isn’t into blood spatter, head-shaving and eyeball vaginas? I can dig Marilyn. Song sounds fine, but I’d leave the Shakespeare out of it.

  10. Controversial bizarre Xasthur “Horizon Of Plastic Caskets” official video now streaming!

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