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Four years after Some Loud Thunder, and on the heels of advance tracks “Same Mistake” and “Maniac,” blogband 1.0 CYHSY are ready for you to get fully acquainted with their third LP Hysterical. The John Congleton-produced set runs 11 songs, all of which are streaming here. There’s less jitter here, and more poise to Alec’s vocals — It sounds like the product of a band that actually wants you to like them, which is saying something for them and/or John Congleton. Hysterical is due 9/12 via V2, though you can weigh in as soon as you’re ready to click.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA funniest comment party EVAR!!!

  2. ahhhh….the voice of an angel

  3. ::crickets::

  4. on track 4 and I’ve been wanting more frenetic guitar stuff like they did before and less synth-based stuff, but I do like how the change in sound is complete and not half-assed. I liked Alec’s vocals and there are times when it cracks like it did before but for the most part he takes to crooning like julian casablancas. I’m hoping theres a track where he reverts to that old vocal style.

  5. I’m not a fan, but this is going pretty well so far (4th track)

  6. I’d give it a 7.5/10 for now. I feel as though it’s going to grow on me quickly though.

  7. gave it a few listens last night. I really like it. some loud thunder was too, idk, “out there” for me, although it definitely had a few gems. I just feel like this album is a huge improvement and is much more melodic and easier to listen to, like their debut album (which was amazing). 8/10 for me.

  8. I dropped off the CYHSY bandwagon after the second album. The last i saw from them was a sub par Ice Cream Man performance on p4k. That being said, I think this is their best album.

    • really? more so than their debut? maybe it’s just me, but i can’t imagine another CYHSY album topping their first. not to say that this one isn’t good. i was pleasantly surprised by hysterical.

  9. sounds like the band as a whole is definitely taking some tips from Alec’s solo in terms of song structure/Alec’s voice and Flashy Python for atmospherics. i’ve always really admired his ability to craft background vocals and harmonies and this isn’t didn’t me down at all in that department. gonna give it a couple more listens before a final verdict, but as of now i think i’d give it a 7.5.

    In A Motel – wow. That chord progression is great.

  10. After my first listen I was a little unenthused. I guess I’m one of the few that really enjoyed Some Loud Thunder and I was hoping for a bit more experimentation than this album has been giving up. Though, after reading these mostly positive comments I think I’ll continue to listen and look around. I’m sure there are things I simply just did not pick up on.

  11. In context I have seen Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin play live. And still I remember listening to CYHSY’s first album (even before they got radio play), just knowing they too would take this whole thing to yet another level. Clearly on Hysterical..they have done that in spades! “Best of 2011 Hands Down” or…Hands Saying Yeah…might be a better choice of words here.

  12. Been waiting for this for 4 years, and I’m glad to see they’ve grown as a band, instead of just some guys who play behind Alex’s cracking voice (which I personally love…). About halfway through and I’m very pleased… 8/10ish. Throwing it in the rotation of M83/St. Vincent/Girls for favorite leaks of the last 2 weeks.

  13. alright I’m probably going to be thumbs’d down for this but here it goes:
    CYHSY sounds a lot like coldplay here. Like the new song ‘charlie brown was given a new singer and better lyrics.

  14. On a scale of The Da Vinci Code to Forrest Gump, I’d give it a solid Toy Story 3.

    • Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Sep 6th, 2011 -7

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      • It wasn’t, Denis. Not that you’ll be inclined to believe me, of course. In any case, if Tom Hanks has made a pretentious movie I can’t think of it: he’s made a career out of playing the ‘everyman’.

      • Quite the douchey response to a funny comment. Like the first two albums better so far, but I like this one a lot. Their first one was instant love, took about a year to appreciate Some Loud Thunder, now I like it better than the original. Think this one will grow like the last

    • I reject it merely because have you seen Larry Crowne? If you had, it would of been the bottom.

    • I would have to disagree because like the Toy Story franchise CYHSY has made three full length projects. Toy Story 3 was a terrific send-off to the series while Hysterical, which is good, would not act as the best fina album if CYHSY were to stop making albums.
      I would give it a Cast Away. Has elements of normal Tom Hanks everymanness that we all grew up on but in the second half theres a shift and it begins to change and morph into a very new sound.

  15. I’m really digging the album. Like others have mentioned, it has a fuller, more textured sound. Dare I say some tracks are overproduced?

  16. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Sep 6th, 2011 -2

    I’m sorry… but this type of music was lame when U2 was making it more than a decade ago. The Title track is especially atrocious. I find the production quite scattershot.

  17. If I was clever enough to think of a joke about the album title, I bet it would be VERY FUNNY.

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  19. Between this and Wilco, plus all the other stuff Stereogum’s been churning out this week, I’m super psyched for September :)

  20. Wow… this is pretty amazing. I miss the experimentation from Some Loud Thunder (which I really liked, almost as much as their debut), but this is great… cool and shimmery, but able to rattle and jangle and shake stuff up when it needs to. And “Adam’s Plane” might be my favorite track of 2011 so far.

  21. “Here comes the rain again…” Is that a Eurythmics reference in “Ketamine and Ecstasy”?

    Seems deliciously drenched in a hard-to-put-your-finger-on 80′s synth aesthetic, overall.

  22. Their self-titled debut is one of my favorite records. I love ever song and every quirk and every lick. It’s simply one of the best indie rock releases, well, probably ever. Having said that, I’ve gotten partway though the album and although it isn’t a return to form, it is a step up from Some Loud Thunder. There are some good tracks, but I also like when they play fast, so there are times when I feel like the album drags. I’m ready to let it start sinking in; and if I hate it, I can always just throw on “The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth.” 7/10 free throws made.

  23. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 8th, 2011 +1

    it’s not kidnapping me like # 1 did, nor is it seducing me like # 2 did. however, it’s kind of sneaking up on me every time i listen to it. ‘misspent youth’ is the best song i’ve heard in a while. i think this’ll end up being in my year end top 10.

  24. I really think this is their best work to date. It’s different from the style they established, but it’s one of those rare instances where a band’s change in direction totally works.

  25. UM. all of the songs sounded the same to me. it wasn’t a HORRIBLE thing because they were all lovely songs but more variety would have made this album pretty decent.

  26. I’m just curious if anyone still likes this now that pitchfork gave it a lukewarm review.

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