Justice have a new video for the brand-new lusty dance-rock track “Audio, Video, Disco,” and it manages to make the process of crafting a lusty dance-rock track look like a mythic undertaking. The camera dizzily spins around the duo as they take their time putting together music, and puppies, doves, Christmas trees, and light-up keyboards are all involved. Watch it below.

Audio, Video, Disco is out 10/25 on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra.

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  1. wow this video is almost as underwhelming as the song? what happened to the old justice, with attitude + funk + dirt.

    • fuck the ?

    • Maybe you should sebastiAn.

    • Why when people listen to a band and love and respect how new and exciting they are then wish them to continue being the opposite by never moving on from the original idea.
      It’s a sure path to killing off all creativity and selling out.
      Why not hear it with fresh ears like you did the first time round and stop moaning about the fact you don’t want to go on the trip with them this time.
      If you want to live in the past go and buy a time machine, OR maybe, just open your mind a tiny bit and you may like it.

      Just a thought to ponder on.

      Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!

  2. yeah, this video didn’t make the audio any better… so I’m gonna disco on outta here…

  3. the video actually made me like the song slightly better, but that’s not saying much.

  4. It’s…what? I don’t get it. That’s it, I’m officially impartial.

  5. So… the idea is that they nap a lot and drink champagne and play with puppies in the studio? I guess that explains a lot about this song?

    • No, it’s explains why they took so f’n long to put a 2nd album out. They were f’n around in the studio & elsewhere. No wonder we’re FINALLY getting their sophomore slump!

  6. yallz a bunch of hataz

  7. Where da bangers at Justice bros?

  8. When’s Air’s next LP?

  9. Think the best is still on it’s way, this honestly just seems to be promoting the album…. and to be fair, it just illustrates their process as they’ve explained in an earlier interview!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKMHAgLrn6U sounds awesome for instance, gief album!

  10. one word. lamesauce.

  11. Justice circa 2006/2007 could have made a sick remix of this.

  12. I quite like it. What I found mind blowing with the first Justice album wasn’t so much the bass effects as the melody-heavy electronica that reminisced of classical music, you could feel a baroque rigor in it; there were stories in those songs. And that’s what I hear here.. I mean, it’s different and less dancefloor-savy but still highly interesting. I also get a feeling of the Seventies “space odysseys” era, a sonic exploration, which is a nice little “clin d’oeil” instead of a revival or a farce: it feels genuine.

  13. This video is about a gay couple writing a song together, right?

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