Lindsey Buckingham

Last night, Fleetwood Mac figurehead and general all-around smooth-rock king Lindsey Buckingham stopped by Conan to perform “In Our Time,” a song from his new album Seeds We Sow, and to do some serious acoustic shredding. Watch it below.

There’s also an “official” (live) music video at

It’s going to be faintly weird every time Buckingham appears on a talk show now, isn’t it? Thanks, Kenan Thompson. Seeds We Sow is out now on Buckingham Records.

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  1. Seeds We Sow is a great album. The guy is 61 years old and sounds like a little kid on a sugar high making music. Fuck Pitchfork for not paying attention. I expect a review or something from you Stereogum LB freaks.

  2. How does he DO that? Wow.just. wow

  3. why are his hands in the shadows? guy is one of the kings of neo-travis picking, and i can’t see his hands! this video would be 5 times better if we could watch him blow our minds instead of just hearing him blow our minds.

  4. I wonder if they will actually let him talk on “What’s Up With That?” now.

  5. 40 million records sold and he can’t afford to hire a bass player?

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