Kid Cudi

In the video for his brooding anthem “Mr. Rager,” Kid Cudi battles a comically huge mob of weapon-wielding miscreants. The fighting itself is dimly lit and badly choreographed, the two surprise endings are both lame, and Cudi himself does not exactly make the world’s most believable badass street-fighter. Still, anything that brings to mind memories of this might well be worth seven minutes of your time. Surface To Air’s Jeremy Rozan directs.

(via Miss Info)

If only How To Make It In America was more like this.

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  1. Wow, that is an awful video for an awesome song.

  2. The cuts were a bit questionable and some of the angles were a little under thought. But the project was ambitious and far removed from the usual dribble expected from a video in the hip hop category. Mind you this song is about as hip hop as an ode to the working man by Foo Fighters, but still I think Kid Cudi’s mindset is a breath of fresh air. Could the execution be better, yes, but what he has here isn’t the pits of filming.

    I kinda enjoyed it.

  3. How old is this song?

  4. I think I’ve been reading Tom’s stuff too long because i knew that youtube was going to be from Ong-Bak without even seeing the fucking Cudi video :(

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