After having draped a giant blanket all over the streets of Morocco, U2 apparently dialed back the production budget for the latest video from their No Line On The Horizon LP. All the action is animated in this one — and there is no Blackberry branding! — with David OReilly producing and painting a story of lost dogs and lost souls searching for themselves, for meaning, for someone to help them not go crazy if they don’t go crazy tonight or whatever. The animation helps paint it as a redemption song, which of course is music to Bono’s ego, when in reality it’s just a not bad U2 song with sorta typically bad U2 lyrics. The cartoon people have expressive eyes, though! So maybe it’ll get you emotional yet.

If you haven’t yet checked the photos of the 360º tour rig, check the photos of the 360º tour rig.

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  1. kramerica  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 0

    deep down, we all love u2

  2. kramerica  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 0

    and their wonderfully indulgent showmanship

  3. easy  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 0

    not to mention Muse is opening up for U2 in the states this summer. BYAWWW!!!!!

  4. RoyGBiv  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 0

    They should do an official 2012 concert. Shit couldn’t get any worse than that.

  5. David O’Reilly, who directed this video, previously made a stunning short called Please Say Something. You’d be a fool to yourself and a burden to others if you don’t check it out.


  6. urrgh that is so gimmicky. it smacks of hallmark card sentimentality

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