Das Racist - "Michael Jackson" Video

Local video clique Weird Days directs this lurid clip for Das Racist’s “Michael Jackson” that’s almost as reference-heavy as your average Das Racist song. The things touched on: the Last Supper, The Simpsons, the Chris Farley Chippendales SNL skit (Heems and Victor re-enact that one), and a “Black And White” style montage featuring the morphing faces of: rappers El-P and Despot; DR family member Lakutis; DR actual family member comedian Hari Kondabolu (Dap’s brother); DR producers Mike Finito, Anand Wilder, Rostam Batmanglij; Weird Days’ Ben Schecter; and probably tons of others that are just blowing me by this morning. It’s ridiculous.

Relax is out 9/13 on Greedhead.

Comments (9)
  1. Holy MJ. Fucking killa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best video of the year.

  2. haha hilarious!

  3. OH GOD.

    This is just amazing. Loved the Hari Kondabolu and Rostam Batmanglij appearances.

  4. Is it just me, or does this MTVU player really suck?

  5. ahhhhhh really groovin’ to this track man. really cool stuff comin’ from these kittens. visuals are just trippin’ me out.

    Don. T.

  6. I watched and thought “Kool AD has too much clothes on.”

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