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Lana Del Rey, the new glamorously bummed and vaguely sleazy L.A. orch-pop alter-ego of singer-songwriter Lizzy Grant, has already worked up a ton of buzz off of exactly one song: the pretty great “Video Games.” And now we’ve got another, the equally great “Video Games” B-side “Blue Jeans,” which already has its own video. Like “Video Games,” “Blue Jeans” is an exquisitely languid, fundamentally insincere love song that seems like the sort of thing Fiona Apple might be making if she were coming up today. If Del Rey has more songs like this on the way, she’s going places. Listen and watch below.

(via Pitchfork)

“Video Games” b/w “Blue Jeans” is out 10/16 digitally and 10/17 on vinyl on Stranger.

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  2. You’re a pretty petty person.

  3. You can no longer listen to the SoundCloud track (not that that’s a bad thing…)

  4. Some of the most horrible lyrics ever written. You know it’s bad when “you’re so fresh to death as sick as cancer” isn’t the most eye-rolling lyric. Lizzy Grant, aka Lana Del Ray, is trying to succeed Patrick Monahan as the worst lyricist in music.

  5. Nice sound but there’s no way in hell Fiona Apple would sing such dull and cringeworthy lyrics.

  6. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Sep 9th, 2011 +2

    I really like what I hear. She’s whimsical… but she’s just trying way too hard to be sexy… this 70ies porn star look really doesn’t make anybody look good. You’re such a pretty girl, Lizzie. Don’t overdo it! (And please quit botoxing!)

  7. OK song, Botox Girl.

  8. I’m really ridin’ this chilled out groove all the way to epic city, man.
    I drift down the street on this breezy melody all the way to the local hotel bar – called “Hotel Bar”.
    I take a seat on the bar as that bridge closes down on my heart.
    I look down the bar and see those lips staring back at me.
    She says, “Meeeseegajuju” and I’m on peyote.


    - D. Tilla

  9. Lana Del Rey is a tedious contrivance and she’s already way overexposed. I hate the simpering singing style and the smarmy image. Apparently a lot of dorks have boners for her narcotized, cosmetic-surgery-mutated face, so they’ll fool themselves into liking the insipid music. Taking the song off of SoundCloud was clearly a desperate ploy to get people to look at her; unfortunately for her, that face and her relentless posing are about as likely to repel as they are to entice.

  10. She is obviously being marketed REALLY hard. She got a lot of plastic surgery (which looks really fake btw), makes music that recycles pretty much everything very liberally, especially 50s pop music, and of course markets to indie blogs, in hopes of having crossover fans when she makes it big.

    In 2 years or less she will be on top 40 radio and 12 year old girls. All of this is entirely not related to music of course. I think the song is pretty catchy, and I like the song “Video Games” even more. But all in all, I have an extremely time ‘buying it’ when it feels so inauthentic.

    • Sorry for the multiple errors in my post, I am tired. But you get the idea.

    • I knew she was working hard at marketing herself, but I had no idea to what extent she’d been creating this contrived image. On top of what you said about the plastic surgery (which is news to me) I came across an older interview with her while she was still working under the unmarketable name “Lizzie Grant.” Back then, she had bleached blonde party girl hair with fat collagen lips and looked like a wannabe porn star. Getting a different haircut and wearing different clothes is one thing but just like Lady Gaga to a lesser extent, I can’t respect a musician who says “Okay, I’m not getting any attention looking the way I do and working under my real name so I must drastically shapeshift my facial features, change my name and hope that works for me.”

      • then you’re gonna have to decide to not like david bowie. i have no problem with changing one’s image, as long as they show a love, respect, and understanding of the style they change to. I like her songs, but yeah, her image needs a bit less sex, and a bit more class.

      • *cough* Michael Jackson *cough*

  11. Reading these comments I feel very uncool for liking this. Oh well.

  12. This is pretty cool. It reminds me of Chris Isaak circa “Wicked Game.”

  13. I became addicted to this song.

  14. She’s very pretty but I think she’s pushing that too hard when she doesn’t really have too. I’d like both songs if I had know idea what she looked like. Seems like she’s trying to push her looks more than the music but I honestly don’t care either way because I’ll listen.

    • How is she “pushing” her looks? Would you say that Annie Clark pushes her looks? What’s wrong with being an attractive singer?? I wish people would stop getting so hung up on image, but if you’re going to care about it, you should appreciate the fact that, on top of some great music, there’s something nice to look at as well. I don’t see the downside here.

  15. I really like her songs. I don’t buy into image; I listen to music.

  16. This song is fantastic. Seriously. Say what you will about the person singing it. But honestly, its ridiculous how catchy and beautiful this is.

  17. I’d like to bring attention to the song “kinda outta luck” by her. it’s a catchier song, with less contrived lyrics, and she actually sounds like she’s enjoying herself.

  18. fiona apple? you wish girl. video games is a nice song but this one is crap. and what the fuck have you done to your face?

  19. this is really mediocre, nuff said.

  20. wow…i’m no fanatic for her but how many hypocrites are there? I garentee most of you naysayers listen to the indie (folk) music today thats been done way before and you’re judging her for sounding like something else? theres nothing you can compare her to thats prevalent nowadays. take the weeknd for example…i love there (his) music. it reminds me of the rnb i grew up on. why shouldnt we say the same about his music? his “image” is sex drugs and rocknroll and genre has been around forever. stop hatin with irrelevant “reasons”.

  21. she has a gorgeous voice. but her lyrics are terrible, and the whole plastic face thing isn’t doing it for me.

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