Beirut - "Santa Fe" Video

The video for the bouncy, synthed-up single from Beirut’s new album The Rip Tide is shot like an old spaghetti western, but it doesn’t tell a spaghetti western type of story. Instead, it tells the story of a guy whose life suddenly turns sad, and then happy again, and then sad, and then weird. It is ridiculous. Watch it below.

The Rip Tide is out now on Pompeii.

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  1. Does anybody else hear Touch of Gray when they listen to this?

  2. you said said insaid of sad

  3. It should be said that this involves a lot of the same people who did the Das Racist “Michael Jackson” video we posted earlier. Weird Days is the name of that crew. This offshoot, though, is called Sunset TV and you might have seen their stuff on the web and on Pitchfork TV. All of the stuff is just spectacular. And that’s your TMI moment in the comments for Friday!

  4. What you call ridiculous I call life. Happy, sad, happy, sad, and weird. Ahhh… life.

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