Bradford Cox as Joey Ramone

At a Black Lips show in Conley, Georgia over the weekend, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox came to the stage dressed as another famously tall and gawky frontman, Joey Ramone. Cox, in a black wig and a black leather jacket, joined the Black Lips as they covered Bobby Freeman’s “Do You Wanna Dance” the exact same way that the Ramones covered it. And Cox’s Joey impression was pretty dead on, though that isn’t exactly the most difficult proposition; Joey always stood pretty still onstage. Watch a fan-captured video below.

(via Pitchfork)

This raises the question: Why don’t more people dress as the Ramones for Halloween? It should be pretty easy to put together a decent costume.

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  1. It would be nice if Bradford Cox would spend some time dressing like, and playing like, the frontman of Deerhunter, rather than attempting to look like, and sound like, all these other bands that came before him.

    • Honey, please. He’s been doing that pretty consistently for the past several years (and when he’s not Deerhunter, he’s Atlas Sound.) Maybe I’m a little deaf in the ears but I can’t recall a Deerhunter or Atlas Sound song that rips off Blitzkrieg Bop either. Let him have some fun, you fun killer.

      • I might very well be a fun killer, though I doubt that my humble comment on this little-known website will do much to derail Cox’s pantomime. However, you must explain to me this Atlas Sound that you speak of. What you are saying is that when Deerhunter is not Deerhunter, he is Atlas Sound, correct? Is that sort of like when Miley Stewart is not Miley Stewart she is Hannah Montana? Really, the math confuses me on this one.

        • Or maybe when Atlas Sound is not Bradford Cox he is Panda Bear? And when Panda Bear is not Panda Bear he is Animal Collective? Really, the mind boggles at all these shapeshifting musicians who are largely indistinguishable from each other.

          • I’m not sure you’re familiar with the concept of a “band”. Basically, when two or more people love each other very much they make beautiful music together.

            Why am I doing this? Your parents should have given you this talk years ago.

  2. Joey Ramone? I thought he was going for Alison Mosshart. Nailed it!

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