Does This Dell Commercial Rip Of Broken Bells?

Reader Michael chimed in last night when he spotted the eerie similarity between Broken Bells’ “The Ghost Inside” and a song used in a new Dell commercial. Michael writes:

Note that the melody is slightly different (and in D rather than E), but the drumbeat is exactly. the fucking same. Also, note how the chorus merely escalates rather than changes musically, offering further proof of comparison. And they threw in some dumb lyrics in the end as an effort to make it sound original. (“I just like lookin’ in the sun”?) It’s not.

Let’s go to the tape.

The commercial:

Broken Bells’ “The Ghost Inside”

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  1. Does sound pretty similar but I think the real question is why should we care about a commercial?

  2. Does Broken Bells rip off the sound of this comment board collectively snoring?

  3. What about that Chase commercial that blatantly thieves Fol Chen?

  4. Yes, it’s very close. I’m sure it’s another case of the ad agency using some song that they believe is clear, and the artist swearing he or she’s never heard of the Broken Bells. But you know they had to have at some point, even if they genuinely forgot.

  5. @Dale: I was gonna post the same thing. That Chase spot is a pure Fol Chen rip-off.

  6. Yeah.
    This shit happens way too often. What would Bill Hicks say?

  7. What about this Nokia commercial?

    I now have the strangest urge to watch that advert on VCR.

  8. I didn’t even have to watch the Broken Bells video it was so blatant.

  9. there was also a firestone commercial about “we’ll keep your car running” which, well, just guess what song that ripped off pretty heavily.

  10. Yeah it’s definitely based on the Broken Bells song. What are you gonna do about it? It totally sucks but I’m not sure it would be worth it to go through the entire process of suing them. If I were Broken Bells, I would post the phrase “Fuck you Dell” on facebook and then forget about it. Let the people do the rest.

  11. Well, that’s a good old fashioned soundalike, which obviously has been done in low budget movies, tv shows and commercials for the better part of the century.

    • i was hoping somebody used the term “soundalike”…do you others not know an industry of making soundalikes exists for use in things like commercials??
      it’s not prosecuted as much as real copyright infringement cases because these songs aren’t created to be sold as a product themselves…they’re created simply to sell the product they’re appearing with. like…you don’t see them crediting whoever made the dell song and you can’t find it somewhere to download…hopefully.

  12. Yes, they ripped them off, and sadly, this kind of crap happens a lot. The most obvious example has got to be the Spin Doctors’ Two Princes, which was ripped off by about a million local and national companies for about a decade. The band did successfully sue one major company, but it was so rampant that they would basically have had to commit to spending their lives in court in order to stop everyone.If only the RIAA would use their time and resources to crack down on this kind of thing instead of old ladies downloading five songs.

    • “Excuse me while I use this space to promote my blog that nobody reads. Also, let me just say that I ALREADY covered this, so the topic is a little passé. I’ll end with a courtesy so I don’t seem like a complete asshole.


      • Oh, eat a dick, Peter.

        EAT ONE.

        No, I’m not going to that kid’s blog, but I’m also not compelled to shit on him for having it and wanting people to read an extremely relevant post he wrote.

        Dammit, Peter. Just….come on!

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