Jens Lekman - An Argument With Myself

The Swedish indie-pop truth-teller Jens Lekman has been quiet in the game for altogether too long, and now he’s finally just about ready to release his new EP An Argument With Myself, his follow-up to the 2007 album Night Falls On Kortedala. We’ve already posted the title track, and now the entire EP is streaming over at Soundcloud. (UPDATE: It is now also streaming below.)

The EP is as warm, thoughtful, and lushly orchestrated as anything you’d hope Lekman would come out with, and “Waiting For Kirsten,” his song about quasi-stalking Kirsten Dunst during a Gothenburg music festival when she was filming Melancholia last summer, just kills me. Lekman certainly doesn’t sound like someone who’s been off the scene for the past four years. What do you guys think? Mull it over with a download of the title track, if you missed it last time:

Here’s the rest of the EP:

“So This Guy At My Office”
So This Guy at My Office by Jens Lekman

“Waiting For Kirsten”
Waiting for Kirsten by Jens Lekman

“A Promise”
A Promise by Jens Lekman

“New Directions”
New Directions by Jens Lekman

An Argument With Myself is out 9/20 on Secretly Canadian.

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  1. Hey ‘Gum, if you want to put the SoundCloud stream up here and not link to it, you can get the set at Jens’ Soundcloud page. I was having trouble posting the other set on my website as well but kepts getting an error stream.

    • Added and updated, thanks duchess. It feels nice to thank you for something!

      • No problem. I’m here to help whether it be with what I perceive to be constructive criticism (downvote) or useful comments (upvote.) Been a reader of Stereogum since its beginnings, it’s style inspired me to start my own music site (which I continue fail terrible at.)

        • Both are welcome (as is a link to your address, whenever you’d like to invite us over to play).

          • positive reinforcement – well played, amrit.

          • I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. I’m pretty well mannered and well spoken in what I write and cover, so it’d potentially embarrassing to relate my persona here to my more realistic version of me and how I carry myself.

          • Alright, you’re invited to come over now. I think this is a good step for us both, Amrit. I’ll retire the duchess act and maybe I’ll get an extra visit or two on my site. Thanks for the “positive reinforcement”!

  2. New Directions has a very Sufjan feel. Digging it over all, though.

  3. Waiting for Kirsten is basically everything you want from a Jens song–beautifully orchestrated, a great melody, and a truly hilarious story. I don’t always laugh out loud when listening to a song, but when I do, it’s usually by Jens Lekman.

  4. This is really pretty terrible, what a let down after the amazing “Night Falls.” Well at least the Rocky Dennis EP is no longer his weakest. I hope he doesn’t continue with this boring “adult contemporary” music. Jens is better than this.

  5. There is something poetic about you making this metamorphosis on a post titled ‘An Argument With Myself,’ Michael_. Thanks for the link, gonna click around man.

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