Neon Indian,

The last time Neon Indian played on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, they had something of a moment, with Fallon full-on dorking out for them. The band returned last night to play their new single “Polish Girl,” and things went much the same way, with the usually-enthusiastic Fallon getting even more into the proceedings than usual. Fallon also showed off Neon Indian’s PAL 198X mini-synth from his desk, and the band got a custom swirly light show from the Creators Project.

But just like last time, the real story with this performance is what the band does with it. Every time anyone points a camera at Neon Indian, they seem hell-bent on proving that yes, synth-addled bedroom-electronic types can get it done onstage. The indie rock universe could use more dancers like Alan Palomo. Watch it below.

(via the Audio Perv)

Neon Indian’s new album Era Extraña is out now on Static Tongues/Mom + Pop.

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  1. so awesome! they killed it
    It’s a shame pitchfork gave it a 7.9 – so close to my 8 criterion for listenability.

  2. its a chill jam, not surprised or impressed really

    • Yeah I was expecting a little more than that but hey it wasn’t bad. The way Jimmy Fallon was acting though, it’s a good thing he was wearing those pants to cover his massive hard on for them.

  3. Dude looks like Prince now.

  4. Seems like they evolved since their previous album, pretty nice one.

  5. Is it just me or does it look like he’s lip syncing? I think it’s just the video though. Pretty damn tight.

  6. did they forget to wake up the light painter? its looks like its still got its screensaver on

  7. I was so curious about this band and was not impressed at all. The potential is there with the band itself but seriously, the singer sucks!!! he is soo bad i can’t even believe it.

  8. Jimmy Fallon’s approval is all I need.

    But seriously, this performance sold me on them

  9. Such bad dudes. We’re gonna get so many awesome commercials out of this album. I’m so excited!!!

  10. Does anyone have a vid of their first performance on Fallon? I remember that being amazing.

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