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  • Lana Del Rey @ Glasslands, Brooklyn 9/14/11
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Lana Del Rey

Blog-critic lightning rod Lana Del Rey performed a “secret” tune-up set last night for a crowd of folded arms at the Glasslands Gallery on Kent Ave. She was billed as the Queen Of Coney Island, did her material along with a Sinatra cover (“It Was A Very Good Year”), and had a backing band full of dudes who look like they dine out on jazz-fusion instructional DVDs. Also, she chewed a lot of gum. Ryan Muir was on hand to take photos, which you can check out above.

The show was a warm up for official gigs at the Box in NYC (9/21) and Hotel Café in L.A. (9/27).

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  1. Despite what I may have obnoxiously and half-assedly commented under my past life and now retired name, theduchess, Lana looks prettier here in natural light and with less makeup than in any other way I’ve seen her.

  2. Sure, she’s Baberham Lincoln and the mp3s are great but was the performance any good? Most performances where you notice gum chewing usually are great, but, just to be sure.

  3. Everytime I see an article about Lana Del Ray now, I think how Carles of Hipster Runoff changed people’s mind about her in just a couple of blog posts. The guy is influential.

    Anyway, I think she’s pretty good, fake lips or not… Video Games is one of my favorite songs lately.

  4. Well it’s nice to see doing something other than standing in a sultry position against a wall looking like she’s trying to loose off a fart and looking non-committally into the camera.

    I’m sure she was great live though.

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