Ozzy Osbourne

True, Ozzy Osbourne can barely stand up and form complete sentences these days. But he didn’t actually have to do anything to help locate Joshua Robb, an eight-year-old boy with autism who’d been missing for a few days. Rescue workers located Robb by blasting Robb’s favorite songs, including Ozzy’s “No More Tears” and Alan Jackson’s “Good Time,” into the woods around Twin Peaks, CA, where Robb had gone missing on Monday.

KTLA reports that Robb had been put into protective custody two weeks ago and that his parents are facing child abuse charges for “allegedly keeping him tied up with a rope at their home.” Also, his parents recently lost their home to foreclosure. Jesus. No wonder this kid loves Ozzy. Check out the full story here.

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  1. The last time I saw Ozzy being interviewed, he was able to move around pretty good and speak without much mumbling. I could be wrong but I believe he said during the days of their reality show, the combination of and amount of medications he was on made it difficult for him to function in as normal a way Ozzy can function. Great ironic use of the exclamation “Jesus” at the end, by the way.

    • You’re not wrong. Ozzy’s much more coherent these days.

      So Michael_, if you were lost in the woods, what song would help rescuers find you? “Video Games” or “Blue Jeans”? :)

      • I actually gave “Blue Jeans” a listen to the first time today. It left a much better impression on me than “Video Games.” It had a very ’90s-era Tori Amos vibe going for it with her which I can definitely stomach and get behind since Tori doesn’t sound as cynical and crafty as she used to anymore.

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