Jim DeRogatis Hates Juno

Brandon Stosuy | February 18, 2008 - 2:03 pm

Jim DeRogatis dislikes the Doors, Springsteen, Rolling Stone, and Ryan Adams. We knew all that. He’s also not a fan of Juno, the film or its Kimya-heavy soundtrack (From his column: “Sure, Juno gives lip service to loving Iggy and the Stooges and Patti Smith. But there isn’t a hint of the anger and lust for life of those pioneering punks in the sort of twee indie-rock that Juno loves.”) His Sound Opinions co-host Greg Kot doesn’t dig it either, but he seems more forgiving. You can hear the two discuss the soundtrack during a recent Sound Opinions segment focused on the Grammys (they give Herbie Hancock’s Joni a slammy) and the best movie soundtracks of all times (The Harder They Come for Greg, The Royal Tenenbaums and that “haunting German chanteuse” Nico for Jim).

Jim DeRogatis Hates Juno

The segment’s basically an opportunity for Jim, “unapologetically old-school feminist,” to continue trashing Juno and its soundtrack, which he’s been doing since the beginning of the year. He’s been labeled a “feminazi” and has defended himself tenfold. Via his Sun Times blog:

If “feminazi” is not right-wing bravado, I don’t know what is. And because Williamson isn’t a very good reader, I’ll answer the question he poses — “Why would a feminist hate Juno, a pro-choice movie?” — one more time, in the simplest language I can muster: “Juno” is not a pro-choice movie. It is an anti-abortion movie masquerading as a pro-choice movie. And one with a lousy soundtrack at that.

Much of the ire comes back to Kimya’s “barely songs” and her guitar “she can’t really play.” Well, if they were good enough for The View, they’re good enough … you might have a point, Jim. You can find the MP3 of the show here.