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This week we published our second annual list of the 40 Best New Bands of the past 12 months. Everyone agreed it was flawless: thanks for the unanimous feedback! Elsewhere we dissected new singles from Coldplay, Justice, Wavves. Ryan Adams, James Blake, Florence & The Machine and Thom Yorke (THE Thom Yorke). Finally, given that this week’s sexiest nontroversy goes to Lana Del Rey Gate, it’s only appropriate that today’s Shut Up, Dude doubles as a goodbye party to rabble-rouser theduchessofthomyorke.


#10 Coj | Sep 13th Score:14

That was actually a re-release. THIS is the much anticipated, and inevitably disappointing, second comment.

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Tucker Cotter | Sep 9th Score:14


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Jason Martinez | Sep 9th Score:16

I’m on the internet ’cause I’m an internet thug.

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#6 MikeyObviously | Sep 9th Score:18
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#5 djfreshie | Sep 13th Score:19

I liked you better on your first comment. The second was kind of derivative.

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Pine Straw | Sep 13th Score:19

40 New Bands?!?? Dang it, I’m still trying to get into the Big Pink.

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Jon Gier | Sep 12th Score:19

Lupe Fiasco’s going to be rapping over this in a few months, guaranteed.

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#2 memoryboy | Sep 9th Score:22

shut up, dude.

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Michael Robenalt | Sep 9th Score:34

“I don’t like Carter 4 because I think it was unsatisfactory as a piece of music”

- everyone who doesn’t like Tha Carter IV

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#5 theduchessofthomyorke | Sep 12th Score:-16

Judging by your pic and the fact all your posts are about rap and r&b, I think you mean “wiggered hipster drivel.”

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#4 theduchessofthomyorke | Sep 9th Score:-17

(j/k I haven’t even heard the album lol)

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#3 theduchessofthomyorke | Sep 12th Score:-22

“The game needed him then more than it needs him now, but The Blueprint opened a door. Luckily, many others and I walked through into previously-unexplored music terrain and never looked back.”

Really? If you ask me, the game never needed him, I sure as hell don’t need him now and I wish the door stayed closed. Take yourself and others on your exploratory terrain walk and go get lost.

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#2 theduchessofthomyorke | Sep 12th Score:-23

Also, I gotta get this off my chest: Stereogum has become too rap and hip-hop heavy. My guess is that it’s better for the site’s traffic and revenue so you ditched covering the good music and have opted for the obligatory wussified hipster dribble on top of it. What it needs is for someone who has the balls the size of Brandon’s to come back and get things back on track. We don’t need metal coverage, but seriously, ’Gum, grow a pair or else this site will just be about Drake, Lana Del Botox and a random hyped up shoegaze pop band.

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#1 ddogdunit | Sep 9th Score:-23

“n his spare time, Himanshu Suri, who is genuinely one of the nicest, funniest, smartest dudes I’ve known since I’ve been in New York, supplied one of Stroked‘s most memorable cuts. (Disclosure: he’s a friend of the site, and has contributed eloquently).”

gross. if they’re your friends, we don’t want to hear about it, and on top of that, it makes it seem unprofessional. you also seem like you’re gloating that you’re friends with “celebrities”. keep it to yourself next time, it colors the entire thing poorly.

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donnytilla | Sep 15th Score:3

This could have been good. “Im Kim Kardashian but today I’m supposed to be princess leah” *shrug* *brain dead*

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Michael_ | Sep 14th Score:1

Alright, you’re invited to come over now. I think this is a good step for us both, Amrit. I’ll retire the duchess act and maybe I’ll get an extra visit or two on my site. Thanks for the “positive reinforcement”!

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[Editor's Note: It is truly poetic that theduchessofthomyorke became Michael_ on a post titled 'An Argument With Myself.']

Comments (36)
  1. Wait…so trolling is cool now? Not sure if I can get behind that…

  2. tr00000llled

  3. The internet told me that that’s called love. *-*

  4. I think Duchess is getting way too much hate on here, especially considering I agree with most of his anti-rap/hip hop arguments. Not that I agree with attacking other people’s tastes for stuff like Drake or Das, but come on, at least he’s getting some discussion going

  5. Everyone who comments and writes here is facking queeah and their taste in music is terrible. LOOK AT ME!! [Tugs on editor's pigtails] GUUUUUUUYS Pay attention to me!

    hahahahaha gotcha. Now check out my music blog that is totally unique because I am intellectually superior to you. Are you into the Spanish DarkChill scene? You’re not? I’m sure you guys will be into it when GvB, BV, and Pitchfork fist it into your 10th-day-of-the-cleanse hipster rectums, you sheeple. I’ve already soured on it but I decided to make a website celebrating that bitterness. Check it out:

  6. Thank you thank you, you’re far too kind

  7. I appreciate the shout out, which I don’t think I really deserved but that’s pretty cool. Stereogum was and probably still is my favorite music blog site out there and has been since I started visiting it in 2002 / 2003ish. Just like the “second wave of emo” or how a band like No Age is derivative of Sonic Youth, AwkwardSound is kind of derivative of Stereogum. Who knew one day we’d reach a point in the blogosphere where new blogs were citing others as major influences?

  8. theduchessofthomyorke will forever live on in our hearts…


  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m actually going to miss Stereogum’s semi-resident troller…

  11. Jeezzzz, that dutchessofthomyorke just scored the first spot in Hall of Shame….. Alright, I guess I’m not gonna challenge this with you though!!! LMAO

  12. The dutchess has Blink 182′s new album in their heavy rotation on “Awkward Sound.” So….no sympathy from this guy.

    • The “regularotation” area is actually just a way to let readers know which albums have made their onto the Internet and I’m giving a fair chance to. It doesn’t mean I will inevitably like the albums that are located there. That being said, the new blink-182 peaked my interest only because I used to listen to them when I was 15 and recently some “hip” bands have given them props to boost their credibility. Despite all that, it isn’t very good. It sounds like all three members are trying to pull their sound in a different direction. I also don’t think I’m enjoying this new Twin Sister album either even though I gave them early praise and named them a BUZZSound several months back. They went from Beach House-y to Deerhoof-y. Sometimes I post content that I don’t like but can’t avoid and a lot of others will enjoy (i.e. the latest Florence and the Machine track.)

      It’s really all about the Best of list at year’s end where you can read which albums, songs and bands actually left an impression on me. Some positive reviews I’ve written have fallen out of favor with me (EMA) while others have the chance of growing (GIRLS.) Some albums or bands I really liked I haven’t even talked about. I’ll even give props to the worst of the year (and as it stands right now, Ms. Lana Del Botox and CULTS are duking it out for most overhyped new artist.) For what it’s worth, I’m not doing this for a living or to make something out of this page, but rather as a hobby, for the five friends of mine who don’t have time to discover music on their own, a pedestrian interest in music and I might as well throw it on my resume while I’m at it, too.

  13. Really, the ending was that the troll was a dbag by day and a “nice” blogger by night?
    Check please. I think I’d prefer an “It was all a dream!” ending. (Or even an “It was all a Teenage Dream!” ending…)

  14. Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2011 -5

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  15. Why is this guy encouraged? He was still an asshole.

  16. shit…this dude stole my idea of being an annoying troll with the hope of this blog plugging mine. oh no wait…that wasn’t my idea because i was too busy enjoying the real job i have and the fun i have when i’m not working to come up with a pathetic idea like that.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 20th, 2011 -4

      To clarify, that’s not at all true. I actually contacted the Stereogum staff and asked them to remove the plug to my blog 1) because I didn’t want or ask for it and 2) because I knew readers such as yourself would mistake it like that and 3) I’m well aware that when it comes to music news world domination, sites like Stereogum, Pitchfork and onethirtybpm have it covered. If anyone thinks that there were any ulterior motives this entire time, I hate to break it to you but I simply decided that contributing something useful here would be better and funner. For what it’s worth, this profile was created a few years ago to do just that.

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