Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

We’ve already posted the new Dum Dum Girls tracks “Coming Down” and “Bedroom Eyes“, and now Only In Dreams, the band’s sophomore album, is streaming in full. Like I Will Be, the band’s debut, it’s a thoroughly well-crafted example of retro garage-pop, though the new one is a bit peppier than its predecessor. Other than the one track that sounds like Mazzy Star, most of the album reminds me of what might’ve happened if ’90s ska-pop sprites Dance Hall Crashers had had all the ska forcibly removed from their music. It’s a strong, catchy record; give it a shot.

Dum Dum Girls – Only in Dreams by subpop
(via A.V. Club)

Only In Dreams is out 9/27 on Sub Pop.

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  1. This is great. “Heartbeat” is a stand-out pop song. Also, “Caught In One” could’ve played out well if it was released in the beginning of the summer. Love the Dum Dums.

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2011 +1

    It’s a tighter, glossier effort but I won’t deny I set my expectations a bit differently after I heard “Coming Down” and reading the album would be darker. Lyrically I suppose it is, but the My So-Called Life fan in me wishes they had gone full blown Mazzy Star but hey, that’s what Tamaryn is for.


  4. Holy crap – “Caught In One” is a jam.

  5. What the hell? Who sucked the marrow out of this band? Their first LP bucked like a bronc. This is like a dumped over bowl of molasses by comparison.

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