It’s a nice moment for “My Boo” redos. Last month Balam Acab pitched “My Boo” through his distended down-tempo filter, giving the upbeat bass music classic a strange spectral wobble. Today, Ghost Town DJ’s are honored via MP3 by Friends, as the b-side to the band’s recently posted single “I’m His Girl.” The track make a lot of sense in Friends hands; its clearly been a blueprint for the group. The locale’s shifted, from Ghost Town’s ’90s Miami club to Friends’ new millennial Bushwick culture-mash, but the attitude’s analogous — all vibrant atmosphere and weird underbelly, sensuous syncopation and sunrise loft parties. Which is to say, Friends inhabit this one well. Grab it:

Here’s Balam Acab’s Ghost Town remix:

And the Friends take’s cover art:

Friends - "My Boo" (Ghost Town DJ's Cover)

Never forget:

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  1. why it no work?

  2. This is pretty much like the original except w/ a midi keyboard or something.. ..; /

  3. Balam Acab’s remix sounds too much like his album.
    (j/k… kinda)

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