Radiohead - Remix Single

Radiohead are currently in the midst of releasing a series of 12″ remix singles and arguably the most anticipated remix in that series is finally here: Jamie xx taking on the King Of Limbs track “Bloom.” As it turns out, Jamie xx’s remix of the track is relatively short and without a whole lot Radiohead in it. But if you like his particular style of withdrawn post-dubstep, you’ll probably like this. Listen below.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

Radiohead’s double-CD remix collection TKOL RMX 1234567 is out 10/11.

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  1. Very short, and I don’t really get a sense of the original material. Still, I hella dig it

  2. Jamie xx + Radiohead = coooooool.

  3. Honestly, I can’t stick up for this. Love the original and respect Jamie XX, but this doesn’t say much. It truly sounds like the kind of interlude between two tracks that generally pads side two of a record.

    • Am I the only one who thinks this is just a snippet of the song Thom worked into the mix? If this is the final product, i still like it, but I expected a longer, more beat heavy track.

  4. pretty good

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