Family Band & Dan Rossen

Grizzly Bear’s Dan Rossen produces this MP3 from BTW Family Band, recorded for Weathervane and WXPN’s Shaking Through series of one-day song-recording documentaries. (Previously: Twin Sister, Reading Rainbow.) In the clip below you see primary Family members (in both the “music” and “they’re-married” senses) Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin get a little tense and confused while arranging “Again” with lapsteel player Scott Hirsch and Rossen. They found their way (like a family), and we’re left with a fine example of the band’s core strengths — a “heavy mellow” or (“goth prom”) vibe that pits striking and clear vocals from Kim against Ollsin’s darkened guitar atmospherics (he came up as a thrash metal guitarist), Hirsch’s earthen contributions, and Rossen’s plentiful experience with those various attributes.

Watch them sort of bug out in the studio pulling this track together in the Shaking Through video:

For more Family Band, check out their debut LP Miller Path and its followup EP
Miller’s Path and Cold Songs.

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