Last night, Radiohead showed up on the season premiere of SNL, their first appearance on that particular television institution since 2000. Alec Baldwin hosted for a record setting 16th time, which meant Steve Martin showed up too. Radiohead sadly didn’t appear in any Lonely Island sketches, but they did perform the King Of Limbs single “Lotus Flower” and the unreleased track “Staircase.” They sounded pretty great even through SNL’s notoriously bad sound, and Thom Yorke totally played maracas on “Lotus Flower.” Watch both performances below.

(via the Audio Perv)

Here are some sketches from the episode:

Radiohead will appear on a special hour-long episode of The Colbert Report Monday night and will play NYC’s Roseland Ballroom Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. For someone with tons of indie sex appeal, Thom Yorke just isn’t very attractive.

    On another note, King of Limbs tour? That’s supposed to happen in 2012, right? I gotta get one more Radiohead show in before the world ends.

  2. Radiohead… on SNL? BLASPHEMY!

  3. Rough start on Lotus Flower… Mix was a bit tough to listen to as well.
    Staircase was much better.

    Hope they step it up a notch for Colbert.

  4. thom yorke looks like a miniature person. i kept thinking little dancing hobbit for some reason.

  5. Every time Yorke would start dancing I’d think of Ian Curtis.

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  7. Who’s the other drummer? Do they often use a second drummer live?

  8. I think it would have been pretty awesome if both Ed and Jonny were wearing the same thing. it would like a visual pun

  9. I believe thats Portishead’s drummer Clive Deamer.

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