HBO Gives Duck Sauce A Luis Guzman Remix

In this pretty confusing promo clip for HBO’s How To Make It In America, Duck Sauce’s “Barbara Streisand” gets a rework, where Luis Guzman’s name gets swapped in for Babs’s. The video stars, among others, Luis Guzman (duh), Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell A-Trak, Q-Tip, Terry Richardson, Pusha T and the How To Make It In America cast. Oh, and there’s a quick simultaneous cameo from Asher Roth and Justin Bieber. Lesson: If you’re going to fill the void Entourage left behind, you might as well not half-ass it.

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  1. Does anyone other then me see this as a really really bad idea. It doesn’t look like its gonna be entertaining at all. Instead of this crap HBO could have oked a new season of Big Love

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