And if you ask me these Chilean judges are playing it a little too cool in response, because it is humanly impossible for anyone to sound any more like EdVed than this guy. It is practically terrifying.

(via Videogum)

So Pearl Jam has their very own Arnel Pineda for when Eddie retires. What I like even more than the vocals, though, is that every moment of this clip is subtitled in English except the singing part. Because no one truly has any idea what the fuck is going on with the lyrics to “Yellow Ledbetter.”

Anyway, get at this guy at I bet this guy’s existence makes Stone, Jeff, and Mike feel a whole lot better about their touring future.

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  1. A Chilean Dave Matthews look-a-like who sounds exactly like Eddie Vedder. My 90′s mind is blown

  2. Oh wow

  3. sadly, this is the only song he can cover, if you look up other songs he does, they don’t sound the same

  4. And here I thought judges for these types of shows were only assholes in America.

    I Stand Corrected!

  5. Damn, he even has the eyebrows down!

  6. If you saw her with a White guy and you didn’t know she was from Chile would you think they were an interracial couple or would you confuse them for a same race couple.


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