The Shins Do Floyd On Fallon

It’s five nights of Pink Floyd covers over at the ever musically-minded Fallon program this week, which began last night with the Shins honest-to-Dark-ness take on “Breathe.” If you think James Mercer handles this cover well, it is because he has practice. Although, it is also because his voice is generally custom built for this particular brand of pensive throwback melancholy. True Moon heads will miss the subsequent three-and-a-half minute instrumental acid freakout “On The Run,” but it’s a little early in the morning for such shenanigans anyway. This is also a nice chance to check out the Shins new lineup in action, so consider that and check it below, along with a listing of the rest of the week’s schedule (MGMT, Pearl Jam, etc.):

Tonight it’s Foo Fighters and the man himself Roger Waters on “In The Flesh,” Wednesday it’s MGMT going in on “Lucifer Sam,” Thursday it’s country dude Dierks Bentley’s turn with “Wish You Were Here,” and the coup de grâce on this whole thing is Pearl Jam’s week-closing take on “Mother.” We will post exactly three of those four.

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  1. Dear James,

    It was great to see you again with ‘The Shins’.

    Now please go back to the studio and finish that damn album.

  2. I’m not sure I can really call this lineup The Shins without, well, everyone in the shins besides James.

  3. That was pretty great, and my god is that song ever timeless.

  4. its so weird to see Richard Swift in The Shins

  5. Am I the only one getting an error message when trying to see the video?

  6. fun fact: Both Broken Bells and The Shins now have the same number of original Shins members in it

  7. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011 +2

    wait, the bassist was fired for domestic abuse, and the drummer was let go and runs a food cart…the lead guitarist got axed too? what happened there?

  8. Wish Mars Volta could get on there and do Candy & The Currant Bun…or Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk…


    meh, it’s like a marylin manson version of the song, haha

  10. Sterling Whitmore  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011 +1

    would have rather seen the flaming lips + stardeath and white dwarfs do their version of “breathe”…

    • ditto. at least they dont play it note for note. but then again they were on fallon a few months back playing some songs off that cover album….. which may have slightly inspired this whole ‘pink floyd week’. I saw them play dark side the only two times they played it live…. simply magical.

    • Really? I thought that Flips cover album was pretty much a failure.

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