Last night, the Pink Floyd tribute week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon reached its midpoint with MGMT, like the good psych-rock students that they are, covering the Piper At The Gates Of Dawn oldie “Lucifer Sam.” Visually, the band went all the way in with it: Dry ice, bubbles, rubberized yellow coveralls, a lobster, somebody playing a reel-to-reel recorder. They also sounded good. Watch the video below.

(via the Audio Perv)

Of Montreal, MGMT is gunning for your spot!

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  1. I’m going to leave it up to Bradford Cox to think of my Halloween costume this year.

  2. Ok that was pretty awesome. Say what you will about Fallon (I find him extremely irritating myself), but he has some damn good musical guests.

  3. Loved the sampled cat noises.

    Old Floyd is the Best Floyd.

  4. Didnt notice until i saw it written elsewhere, but that’s Bradford Cox playing the doo-hicky!

  5. why are they wearing yellow jumpsuits?

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