What Should Courtney Title Her Memoir?

As you might have heard, Courtney Love will put out a memoir via HarperCollins sometime in 2012. Man, I’m getting vicariously anxious just thinking about potential revisions; that editor has his work cut out for him. What should the title be? Holes is already taken. Related to that, I hope Shia LeBouf never dates Frances Bean Cobain because then jokes about Holes will get stale. I do not want that to happen.

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  1. “If I Did It”

  2. “A Million Things You Can Eat That Aren’t Cheese”

  3. Wordy on the Inside

  4. The Holey Bible

  5. Erik Mischker  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2011 0

    Next to Greatness

  6. The People vs. Courtney Love

  7. shoot if Thurston Moore hadn’t used this title for his album ‘Demolished Thoughts’ would have been perfect

  8. c’mon people. this one’s easy; Lived Through This.

  9. Flip Through This

  10. Living Off Your Dead Rock Star Husband’s Legacy for Dummies

  11. Unsatisfied

  12. ‘Awful’

  13. My Opinion: Pointless and Uninteresting

  14. Yet Another Way I Will Make Money Off My Dead Husband

  15. My Life: People Used To Care (Before My Husband Was Murdered)

    That’s the winner right there, I think. Perfect in so many ways.

  16. looney tunes

  17. Train Wreck Nation – From Groupie to Flushing your money down the toilet (*Blame everything on Ryan Adams)

  18. “Proof that Karma doesn’t exist”

  19. Love Story

  20. Someone Else Wrote This Too

  21. Love and Other Drugs

  22. “Read Once and Destroy”?
    “I Know I’m Right”?

    Nah, she’ll probably go with “Miss World”.

  23. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

  24. “Courtney Love: Spread Open”

  25. “From Plump to Skinny Little Bitch: A Scratch and Sniff Adventure.”

  26. “7 habits of highly addicted people”

  27. The Slut of Seattle: How I Fucked My Way Into This

    Memoirs of a Grunge Geisha

    How Shotgun Suicide Can Make You Rich and Famous


    Daddy Issues

    (pick one, they all work!)

  28. “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea”

  29. “I’m a dumb biatch”!

  30. “Underrated”

    C’mon, she made one great rock record, which is one more than any of you wiseasses.

    • I’m not one of those “Courtney killed Kurt” people, but do I think she had some *ahem* famous help during the writing of Live Through This. I mean, imagine Violet with Kurt vocals. That’s an obvious NIRVANA song. Never mind that prior to the NIRVANA box set Hole recorded and took credit for Old Age…

      • It’s hard to ignore the arc of Hole’s career as Kurt came into and out of Courtney’s life (Before Kurt – unlistenable; During Kurt – one of the best albums of the decade; After Kurt – unlistenable). And, playing the guitar parts on LTT and seeing how similar they are in some parts to Nirvana’s chord progressions … it’s hard to ignore.

        However, in Courtney’s defense, I’d say the following:

        - She didn’t screw it up
        - She undeniably wrote the lyrics, which are perhaps the album’s strongest feature
        - Her vocal performance on that album is phenomenal.
        - There’s a story behind every great album. Inspiration (at one extreme) to ghost writing (at the other) happens all the time, and to the greatest bands. It’s not to hard to imagine a period of intense creative collaboration during whatever moments of lucidity Kurt & Courtney managed to pull off.

        And, if we were to review the bands that ended up sounding like Nirvana … well, the Internet doesn’t have enough space.

  31. Scumcunt: Trainwreck City

  32. Cuntasaurus Mess

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