David Lynch

When undisputed life champion David Lynch last gave us some original music to post, it was “Good Day Today,” a cut of pulsing and pleasant electropop (“Aphex Twin’s ’Fingerbib’ with less sauce” is how I’d scored it). That surprisingly sanguine side has been superseded here by the title track to the cinema icon’s forthcoming LP, due the first week of November.

It’s called “Crazy Clown Time” and so it’s some oddball surrealistic nightmare shit, of course, with backwards guitars loosely approximating the Twin Peaks theme’s ominous back-half, an air of Tom Waits-like deviant lurk, and Lynch in a pinched upper-register singing lines like “daddy spilled the beer all over Sally” and other such uplifting family-friendly pearls. It is crazy clown time, and that is an appropriate name for this one. Enjoy the MP3 by inputting your email address over at Mr. Lynch’s Facebook. Also if you haven’t yet, I’d suggest checking out T. Cole Rachel’s Progress Report with David Lynch, if you are even a passing fan of either man.

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  1. Sounds like Neil Young on bad acid trip.

    At first I thought the vocal ruined some otherwise cool instrumentals, but by the end I found it strangely compelling. Listened a few more times.

  2. “Fingerbib with less sauce”

    *golf clap*

    I’m one of those crazy individuals that thinks “Fingerbib” is the best song ever.

  3. all I have to say is I fucking love it. It’s David Lynch, after all.
    Also, top notch article. Whenever someone covers Lynch on Stereogum, good things happen.

  4. I’m loving the drum beat and weirdness of this. It reminds me of the music from One Eyed Jacks in Twin Peaks with the whateveritwasbabything in Eraserhead on vocals.

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