Jeff Mangum Plays Occupy Wall Street

Jeff Mangum surprised the Occupy Wall Street protestors late Tuesday night for an eight-song set of singalongs. I’m not sure if this makes up for the whole Radiohead hoax, but plenty of people were still excited to see the reclusive indie folk hero. Before you regard this as completely random, remember that Jeff was just at ATP and he’ll play shows at NYC’s Town Hall later this month.

Perhaps you were on Twitter when we found out about the livestream; in any event, Jeff’s entire set is here for you to sing-along to at will, especially if you know your Minutemen lyrics:

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The set:
01 “Themselves” (Minutemen cover)
02 “Holland, 1945″
03 “Ghost”
04 “Song Against Sex”
05 “Two-Headed Boy Part 2″
06 “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”
07 “The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1″
08 “Oh Comely”

[Photo by @JoshuaCStephens.]

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  1. The moment you realize that, at some point, everyone at this protest would get to sing “We know who our enemies are” in unison is a good one. Followed closely by all the other ones.

  2. I really appreciate this. Doing what folk singers have been doing since the depression. Thank you Jeff,

  3. This was simply awesome.

  4. That’s too great.

    At the Asbury Park show on Monday night he asked if anyone was going to the protests on Tuesday … wish I’d figured out that he was hinting that he was going to be there.

    BTW, is that the same sweater he was wearing like 15 years ago? Isn’t the guy married? How does he get away with that?

  5. There’s something about the way the audience barks orders at him to play songs makes me feel uncomfortable.

    • welcome to every concert, ever.
      kidding. i get what you mean…this performance seems so genuine and honest (not to mention free), that those lucky enough to get to see it should recognize that and just be happy that they were present for this.

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    • Good call, lets never take a stand on anything out of fear of people thinking we are douche bags.

      There is actually important shit going on in this country, I’m sure some people involved in occupy wall street really know and care about the issues and some are just they to boost their ego/ be seen or whatever, but they all are doing more than anyone just sitting on their ass making snarky message board comments.

      • people who protest against “corporate greed” and “inequality” would probably have a different outlook if instead they spent their time working, creating value.

        also, what are they expecting to accomplish? arnt they pissed off at the government because its corrupted by wall street, while at the same time protesting that government will correct the problem?

        -and thanks to people like our dear supreme lord president, and the last one, and the one before that and the one before that, not much “important shit” is going on in this country, most shit going on in this country is simply tragic.

        theyre all douches

        • nope. you’re just being a big idiot.

          this business about the protesters being trust-funded is tired bullshit. get fucking real please. how many people in this country actually have trust funds? you probably don’t. you’re probably just repeating tired phrases you heard someone else say. i’ll give you a hint – children with trust funds are mostly the children of the ones targeted by the protesters. and somehow in your demented mind the protesters are the privileged ones. people who are unemployed, in debt, or just barely staying above the water. fuck off with your bullshit.

    • Talk about a douche, man. Just because you’re an indifferent and short-sighted, that hardly gives you the excuse to project your own case of stupid and calling these protesters trust fund babies. You don’t know them, just as I don’t know your situation other than to call you out on your indifference and short-sightedness so apparent in your post.

      Quit projecting, join in, or get the fuck out of the way. Have a good day.

      • pretty sure presenting my view is considered joining in. having a great day, just got my trust fund check!

        • Unfortunately if your view doesn’t meet the other posters on this board, they’re going to give you a thumbs down so it gets hidden rather than let your opinion remain on the board to express an argument. I think people need to look at both sides of the coin rather than just one.

  7. It would be pretty cool if towards the end of the video businessmen started coming out of the building to listen to Jeff play. But that being said, Occupy Wall Street is a flaming, socialist trainwreck of ignorance and short sightedness. Still cool that he did this, though.

    • I’m still undecided on it. It’s one thing to be a lazy fucker living in a shit hole eating McDonald’s all day. It’s quite another to be educated, only finding minimum wage work and trying to provide for a family. I feel like those at the Occupy Wall Street are comprised more of the latter group. They are right, there is a problem between government and corporation, regardless of their ignorance and shortsightedness as you say.

  8. It’s about time indie rock got political.

  9. Props to Mangum for being a man of the people. We recently covered the Occupy Wall Street movement at Earbuddy and came up with a playlist inspired by protest. Check it out in our latest ‘a list obligatory’ column.

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