R.I.P. Steve Jobs

I’ve always wondered about just how much one man can do. There are literally millions of brilliant people in the world, and there’s only a handful of people at any given time that change the way an entire world acts, thinks, behaves and creates. But Steve Jobs, the lifeblood of his company, Apple, was one of those exceptionally rare people. Though we will miss him, he lives on through the inspiration he instills in his wake. One person can change everything. We were lucky to live in the same time as Steve Jobs.

Here’s the official obit from The New York Times. He was 56.

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  1. He was too young to pass. Rest in peace.

  2. R.I.P. and all, but I kind of wish I never read up on his personal life — Bastard child that he refused to acknowledge (which forced the mother to go on welfare) and going as far to say he was sterile, cheating on his girlfriend during college with Joan Baez who was a decade or two his senior at the time… yeesh. It goes to show you that even the greatest men have their faults, but I’ll just applaud his contributions to technology and music tonight.

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    • Uh way to just attack the new writers at the end there. You’re asking why this is on Stereogum?? Seriously dude? Even Hipster Runoff is writing about him. Make your own damn blog if you don’t like articles about the creator of the ipod dying.

    • Yeah, the end is weird. I personally am enjoying the direction Tom and Corban are bringing Stereogum toward. It’s kind of a return to form of the site’s mid-2000s work after spending some time trying out new ideas and rediscovering its voice. The articles that have been posted here lately haven’t been just about new songs, videos and stuff that gets shoveled their way via a press release — They’ve been about music-related content, and these dudes are making the discussion fun again.

      • eh they are alright. I actually miss more of Amrit and Scott’s presence but I guess they are off on TV and raising children and just chillin’ with the $$$ from the site.

        • Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing it a little more balanced here with more Amrit and Scott–nothing against Tom and Corban, and I appreciate that the content on the site has increased since they’ve come on, but yeah… and Amrit’s posts got pretty consistently hilarious after Brandon left.

          • What do you guys want me to write about? Is it cool if I write exclusively about Bonnie Raitt?

          • You don’t have to just write about Bonnie Raitt, but it would be awesome if you could maybe refer to new music more often as either “Raitt-esque” or “This is not as Raitt-esque as I would like” or even “On a scale of 1 to Raitt…” or to that extent maybe implement a Pitchfork style Rating system, but it’s like, a “Raitting” system and instead of being out of 100, you just say “That’s So Raittin’!” or “That is Not So Raittin’!”

          • ^^comment o’ da week

    • I mean, there is no denying that he, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak were the guys who brought computers to the people, and that is a monumental feat. On the other hand, he was by many accounts a jerk, and the iPod still sucks. I find it ironic that anyone who frequents a site such as this one would praise Jobs for the iPod, which served to further diminish people’s already short-attention spans, resulted in cementing music as something disposable in people’s minds, and made it more unlikely than ever that people would listen to albums from start to finish, as many (especially indie) artists intend.

      • I basically refuse to listen to albums unless I’m listening to the whole thing, and I love my ipod. So I think it can be done.

      • I don’t agree with you bashing Steve Jobs, but I definitely agree about the iPod vs the album.

        I think the album is making a comeback though.

    • Strongly agree, Knut. Jobs was a liver-stealing, worker-abusing, consumer-fucking, puritanical tyrant who made Ebenezer Scrooge look like Bill Gates. Rot in piss.

    • Your criticisms of the Mac are generally valid (though I think you downplay the importance of the ‘shiny package’).
      But you are dead wrong about Jobs did giving to charity. He did so, but he did it privately. People have come out attesting to this.

      “But when thou givest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” Matthew 3:6

  4. TITANIC LOSS:( A true hero and now, a legend.

  5. iwillmissyou!

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  7. talk about going out on top

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    • Please explain…

      • Today, most of the world’s innovators are from China and India, which is why these countries are ready to take center stage and wake us from our delusions of grandeur. Jobs seemed to be one of the last great American pioneers and, to me, his death seems symbolic of the end of a prosperous era and moreover, yet another indicator of our country’s decline.

    • gibberish

      • I feel like our S&P downgrade is also a perfectly indicative landmark of the failure of our countries ego. Saying “its all downhill from here” is SUPER over-the-top, but I do kinda agree about the declination

    • It’s pretty hilarious how “down-voted” my original comment has become. You’d think I mentioned America’s decline on The O’Reilly Factor blog… didn’t mean to come off as unpatriotic. My sincerest apologies!

  9. If Jobs is God, I’m a heretic. RIP Steve Jobs, the King of Commodity Fetishism.

  10. Brilliant thinker/innovator no doubt, but there is also no doubt that he cared much more about making money than all the idealism that he and Apple are so often attached to. The image Apple cultivated over the years did not match their practices(pollution, sending jobs overseas, etc…). Obviously he is allowed to try and make money, but I’m not going to cry over the death of some white billionaire. Appreciate his creations, but unless you knew him don’t shed a tear for the man.

    • Word. Agreed. What’s weird, too, is that he took money illegally from shareholders, and this was largely overlooked…so he was in it literally for himself (not even for the good of the company). See: Steve Jobs stock option backdating scandal…

  11. I’m a PC, and I pay my respects to Steve Jobs. Lets not remember his faults, but rather his accomplishments that helped revolutionize computing.

  12. That’s too bad.

    Sooooo can we buy porn in the itunes store now?

  13. my wiener hurts.

  14. Never did like iWorld and won’t ever get sucked into it, but he is dead, so that’s too bad. The attention this is getting is a bit over the top though. Would Bill Gates get the same coverage, or the creator of Post-Its? I just hope he owned more than 1 of those black tnecks.

  15. “Let’s mourn Steve Jobs as we mourn the passing of any other good man—modestly, privately, and quietly. Those of you whose remembrances have already taken on a quasi-religious tone: seek help.”


  16. I was in Covent Garden today, and there was an honest-to-God SHRINE outside the Apple store there. I mean, it was kind of ridiculous. Big picture of Steve Jobs and a dozen bunches of flowers, and some cards. People had left apples with bites out of them and messages written on them, which is itself missing the point that the Apple logo was a tribute to Alan Turing. There were also camping chairs, sleeping bags and rollmats around, so I guess some people had conducted some kind of overnight vigil. I guess he was a hero to some people and they’re sad that he died. I don’t really feel it, but I guess some people do, and no matter what mistakes he made in his life, he also quite obviously inspired a lot of people. We need dreamers and wildcards as much as we need stoics and pragmatists. And I suppose some people, Steve Jobs included, manage to be all of those things at different times. As for Macs themselves, they’re fine computers, and it’s nice to have a product which actually makes a point of its aesthetics as well as plain functionality. And I guess that although Steve Jobs might not have had much to do with music directly, his company has provided tools and platforms for music, and his death is still a major cultural event.

  17. can always count on you guys to find the angle and make something like this, about you.

  18. Its undeniable he revolutionized the tech world, giving bill gates a real run for his money after we thought we could count Macintosh out. Competition is what forces everyone to step their game up, and everything pc related was slacking at the turn of the millennia. And the Ipod revolutionized music for better or worse. So respect the man for what hes done, but don’t make the mistake of calling the man a hero. The manner in which much within the ‘mac world’ operates is borderline fascist, and his greatest strength was in marketing and design, there’s no groundbreaking software here, he wasn’t concerned with that.

    My point is that don’t get caught up in the seemingly magical world he’s woven of glossy products and slick commercials, let the sheep do that.

  19. @ Scott (for some reason I can’t reply to your comment) – My answer was that you could just handle the same old song, video, and news postings, but now that I think about it the music blogosphere is sadly lacking in embarrassing baby photos. (Of musicians that is… though I suppose if you want to post your own…?). So you should totally get on that.

  20. The comments here are mostly appalling, but hardly surprising. You overeducated, entitled fucks who spout cynicism for a living need to get a reality check. The computer or phone you’re typing on? The modern (i.e. thriving) music industry that you follow religiously? Much of that is attributable to Steve Jobs. The man was a visionary genius and most definitely one of America’s greatest achievers. The hypocritical bullshit you write to make yourselves feel better about your own pitiful accomplishments? That’s all you….

  21. Amazing original song, iDream – A Steve Jobs Tribute, http://bit.ly/1SEiDream

  22. Does anyone else find Steve Jobs pedophile picture here offensive? And to echo iwalrus, why isn’t there porn on itunes? What, do we live in the 50′s? The guy obviously did some shady things on the side, but he’s all high and mighty about porn? What’s that about? And what’s all this about everything he’s done even with cancer? I mean, I missed breakfast today and I’m not bitching about it. Cancer, LOL!!!

  23. Can we PLEASE bring the Cult of Apple down? Steve Jobs created inferior products with shitty OS’. Steve also refused to acknowledge the existence of his illegitimate daughter until he was dying. SCUM BAG.

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