James Blake - Enough Thunder

Enough Thunder, the new EP from the electronic pop prodigy James Blake, is out now, and we’ve already heard a bunch of tracks from it. And now the entire thing is streaming over at ABEANO, or at least it will be once that site’s traffic slows down a bit and you can actually get it to load. People really like James Blake!

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  1. Enough Thunder is depressing. But it’s a good depressing. First track is the best.

  2. I like these songs better than his full length debut.

  3. bought the thing on itunes yesterday. it’s still avail..

  4. I’m honestly a little disappointed. The songs on the debut were left field enough to be intriguing, but not so much as to be bland and boring. He kept the lesser moments blissfully short – “Why Don’t You Call Me?” etc. – but this just seems like a lengthy diversion deeper into left field, and not in the best way. The Joni Mitchell cover is great, though, as is the collaboration with Bon Iver, and I can see the first 2 growing on me…actually this might just be because I wasn’t a fan of the closer. Oh well. I’ll give it a few more listens.

  5. I listened to his debut every night before I went to sleep on a trying stay in Miami with my full immediate family (we may have been too old and independent to exist in that space together, who knows). Most nights i was drunk and stoned, lying in a pitch black room and barely keeping my ‘ahs’ from hitting my siblings ears. This EP reminds me of that state, of getting lost in the mood and sound and space of something new to me. I love it.

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