Iceage - "IIIIIIII"

Danish punks Iceage made huge waves with their debut LP, New Brigade, a feat which merited inclusion in both the 40 Best New Bands Of 2011 and Dark Bands To Watch lists. Here’s the to-the-point bonus track “IIIIIIII” from New Brigade’s recent reissue.

New Brigade is out now on What’s Your Rupture? For a couple more doses of that one, here’s “Broken Bone” and “White Rune.”

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  1. Definitely one of my favorite new bands of 2011, as well. A few questions about the reissue, though:
    1) Is this bonus track just on the LP or is it hiding somewhere on the CD version, too?
    2) On the topic of the reissue, does anyone know if some of the tracks were re-recorded? It could just be me, but the version of “White Rune” on the What’s Your Rupture? version sounds quite different than the one I had playing on my iPod the past several months.

  2. Has anyone seen these dudes live? I saw them in Chicago and was super excited from the tunes I’d heard online and all the Refused comparisons (one of my all-time favorite bands). But their performance was so loud and feedback-laden it was pretty much unintelligible. I could tell the drummer was working hard, but otherwise, I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. Oh and also they sound nothing like Refused and have stated in interviews that they don’t even like Refused, so, yeah. Dig the new track though.

  3. The next track to be released could possibly be entitled “UUUUUUUU”, don’t you agree?
    Yeah, that was a horrible attempt at a joke…

  4. Trying to out-do the Greg Saunier side-project ‘IIII’, huh?

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